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I need a new hobby


The off-season is tough. The autumn season hasn’t brought any winds yet. If money were no object, I’d take the power route and get into kiteboarding, which can be done on sand, sea, and snow. Or, I would simply travel to the coast and hit the beach, where wind conditions are more steady, and seem to be stronger than dead calm now.

I’ve wanted to get into hunting with metal detectors. But that would cost about 200US$, with about 100 going to a good detector, and about another 100 for a good set of over-the-ear headphones.

I will get back into walking, for sure. Although my area is not especially friendly towards non-motorized means of transportation, I can still walk in Columbia Park or in my parents’ neighborhood (and I plan to get one or both of them to come along).

I also could probably devote a little more time to photography, when my wife isn’t using the camera. (Princess has one of her own.)

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

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11 thoughts on “I need a new hobby

  1. I think you should think of something to make. I mean, something that wouldn’t require a lot of expensive bits or tons of room. If I had the leisure and a table, I would make models of interesting places out of clay, styrofoam, all that stuff I always wanted as a kid. Or I would make jigsaw puzzles or, um, games, I think.


    • I think Cimmy has got part of that covered, with Connectx toys, art supplies and such. I also got Princess started on some electronics projects (2US$ each, not bad) and her last one was building a battery tester.

      I will probably be doing things to prepare for the return of wind– fixing windsocks and stuff like that.


      • I like those electronic projects; I used to buy them for Aaron. There are neat chemistry ones, too.

        Whenever I finally get new glasses, I might take up knitting again. But I’d like to build something, maybe out of things that would normally be sent for recycling.


      • But I’d like to build something, maybe out of things that would normally be sent for recycling.

        Reminds me of when my baby sister took shopping bags and knitted them together.

        I would be interested to read whatever projects you decide to come up with. Oh, and I am still planning to use that fab recipe you posted with winter squash and apple/sausage filling.


  2. I’ve picked up doing some geocaching in the last few months. I know a lot of folks that do it and really enjoy it. There IS an upfront cost to get a GPS unit if you don’t already have one and/or don’t have GPS capabilities on your phone, but after that it’s another “free” hobby where all you spend is time/energy (and sometimes some gas to drive from place to place).

    I’ve got a blog post drafted about this that I’ll be posting soon with my experiences and some details on why I enjoy it…


    • I’ve heard of geocaching, but sadly, I am THAT poor. You said “phone”, and I’m that poor that I can’t afford anything but a pay-as-you-go mobile where of course it’s a refurbished phone with limited capabilities. We might be able to set up software on Cimmy’s laptop, but she is using a CRT monitor since the lappy monitor is very slowly giving up the ghost (backlight went out) and we don’t have $235 to repair it.

      But I would be interested in reading about your experiences.


  3. You’ve posted some good photos and already have a camera. If you are going to be walking, I’d get into the photography. There’s a lot you can do with the photos after you take them without spending money. I’m trying to get Hailey into it since I already have a great camera for her to use.


  4. I spend hours making and editing my photos. On the weekends we try to go to parks, museums, the zoo, etc…..all free. We are very lucky that the St. Louis Art Museum and the St. Louis Zoo are free. Lately we’ve been doing some trail hikes. Yesterday’s was INCREDIBLE. The light was disappointing, so no epic fall photos, but the hike was awesome.

    Just getting out an walking does me so much good. I tend to churn and churn in my thoughts if I don’t go do something.


    • Just getting out an walking does me so much good. I tend to churn and churn in my thoughts if I don’t go do something.

      You too? Your suggestions are duly noted, then!


  5. Hobbies! Cool! No suggestions for you, though.
    I should be knitting right now. Have been working on the same “throw” for 8 years. My level of commitment to stuff is low.
    I approach nearly everything like it’s a hobby.
    Too bad the metal detecting thing is so expensive. It would be fascinating.


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