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Flight time 9/29-9/30


I think I’m waiting for a seasonal weather shift.  The wind right now is weak and doesn’t last.

Someone on Flickr (and one of my WP peeps) wanted a picture of the painted kite in flight. I still have yet to take a picture where the luminescent paint shows… y’know, in the dark.

This is another X-Kite I got on sale at Fred Meyer’s… they slash prices on kites after the summer sale season. It’s basically a Conover Eddy design…

Hehe.  Remember that picture?  The difference is X-Kites simply puts a connector in a slightly bent shape with two spars you attach on either end, instead of using a bowed spar rubber-banded to the cross spar in the middle like this one I made at Greg Greger’s.  I think the X-Kite version is smaller, too.

Oh… just an aside… it’s hard to take pictures with only one hand free!

Today I went to Horse Heaven Hills park since the field at Park Middle School was taken up by football and soccer practice.  Oh, I still had to deal with soccer practice there, but the field was much bigger and I had room.  Everyone all left after 17:00 anyway.

One of the residents on the back fence saw me when I was struggling with the Jazz stunt kite and a little boy came out with a X-Kite single-line parafoil on a kite line on what I call the “lollipop winder”:

(That’s an old photo from this last summer… you can see my son thought this winder was cool beans although Cimmy and I didn’t care for it.  Oh, and his kite looked exactly like the one Cimmy tangled in the tree at the Columbia Crest kite festival.  Hmm.)

He was having a really hard time and so I set down the Jazz and held the kite up for him so he could get it aloft.  Then his mom came out and said thank you; I replied, “You’re welcome.  I hope you don’t mind, I just try to help out fellow kiters.”  The boy couldn’t have been much older than 6 or 7, and he eventually lost interest, so his mother wound up flying it.  In the meantime, I wound up my 50 lb. ProLaser (“Modulus”) line and packed up the Jazz to get the Snapshot 1.2 out.

Although both mom and son gave up, he called after me after I got it all set up, tube tails and all.

“Do you need a hand?”

“Nah, it’s okay,” I said.  “I’m just waiting for the wind to pick up.”

And it never really did pick up, not to mention the field was not very flat, so I staked it down (I didn’t want to spend time putting it away just yet, especially as the tails take forever to wind up and put back into the stuff sack).  So I got out that kite that’s in the first picture of this post.  Most of my two-line kites don’t have line that goes much over 200 feet, and I figured that with the 500 ft. of fluorescent yellow string I have on my stake winder for single line kites, I’d get it up where the wind would be steadier.

And it was so grand that I decided I’d have this painted delta act as a lifter for me again.

So it looked somewhat like this picture, except THAT delta kite is sitting on someone’s roof, or exists somewhere in oblivion.  If you missed that story of how that happened… well, ask me if you’d like to know.

And I just did that and marveled about how well the star design looked with the moon and the stars on this kite, until the wind died, I packed everything up, and then went to my parents to get some tools to work on a DIY project I’ve been planning for a few months now.  Oh… well maybe that means I’ll post some pictures of that, too?  Hmmm… we’ll see. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Flight time 9/29-9/30

  1. Flying kites sounds like so much fun. We are still having unseasonably warm weather here in St. Louis. It’s now October 1st. The hummers were still at the feeder this morning. I’m curious to see if they’re their again tomorrow.


  2. These are beautiful pictures!
    Flying kites is lots of fun, but you must be a professional!

    We have had two of the prettiest days of the year the last two days!


  3. Aww, too bad about the wind. But those pix are lovely!


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