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[Vox Diaspora] QotW: 9/20-9/25


as seen at QotW: 9/20-9/25 (at the Vox Diaspora) and QotW: 9/20-9/25 (Fall Storms) (at VOX Journal Jar Group In Exile)

Depending on your hemisphere, spring or fall is arriving on Wednesday. Show us what you love and/or hate about the season.

As I am in the U.S. and therefore the Northern Hemisphere, it is the beginning of the fall season, also known as autumn.

I love Hallowe’en, otherwise known as Samhaim.  It is a wonderful time to be creative and to dress up, among other things.

(This is an old picture of a Halloween long gone, but I hope it will suffice for illustrative purposes.)

(This was not at Halloween, but is here to show Cimmorene’s superb makeup skills.  My daughter was inspired by the musical CATS after watching a soundstage recording of it.)

I love Thanksgiving.  Anyone that has followed my old blog at VOX knows I really enjoy cooking.  I have no photos of Thanksgiving eats right now, but I will say I am one of the few on Cimmy’s side of the family that likes mashed rutabaga.  This year, Cimmy will make pies filled with gooseberry and Granny Smith apples. flavored a bit more with strawberry gelatin.  If we are lucky to glean Concord grapes this year, we may also make grape pie.

(HEY!  Pay attention… you might see some photos of that if you sit tight!)

I enjoy mulled cider and many other warm drinks.  Fall is a great season for cooking– speaking of pies earlier, most winter squash and many root vegetables make fabulous pie, too.  Sure, I bet you know a few… winter squash like pumpkin, and root vegetables like sweet potatoes.  (Yes, sweet potatoes are roots, not tubers.)

My skin is tinged with blue veins and a lingering farmer’s tan– I am a Summer in the fashion coloring scheme, so I can’t wear autumn colors.  But it’s quite marvelous to see the trees with leaves that are all sorts of brilliant colors after shedding their green chlorophyll.  Not just orange, gold, brown, and the like– there’s purple on some trees, too.

Both Halloween and Thanksgiving are part of the big U.S. holiday block I call the “Happyhallowthankamas” season.  Though I consider myself a religious man, I know that most of it endures through simple “pagan” observance of the season, much less than worship.  Although I am goy (Ephramite if you take my beliefs kindly), I am mindful of the High Holidays my Jewish friends have been observing.  Incidentally, I have been working on an atonement and a repentance of my own… which is a private matter, and I won’t discuss it here.

Because sunshine is vital to keeping my moods healthy, I have been working on full-spectrum lighting in my home.  That is one thing I don’t like so much about fall– is the retreat and hiding of the sun, with shorter days and overcast skies much of the time.  I cannot afford a light box, but will manage other features.  There may be pictures of such soon, as well.

I could say more, but this is long.  I thank you if you have been reading this far.

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7 thoughts on “[Vox Diaspora] QotW: 9/20-9/25

  1. Happyhallowthankamus! I love that!


    • I’ve heard of versions that include more holidays, but the joke to me is how the retail sector (a.k.a. Madison Avenue) sees it, and those are pretty much all the holidays they care about.


  2. Great list! I’m looking forward to making pumpkin pies next month.
    Full spectrum lighting is so nice during the winter. I hate CFLs, so full spectrum all the way!


    • I hate CFLs, so full spectrum all the way!

      Oh… there’s a difference? It’s very difficult for me to get fluorescent lighting that’s not compact or a standard tube. The standard tubes only have a home in the kitchen– I can’t install any other fixtures of that type in an apartment. CFLs have to be the solution elsewhere.

      What I simply looked for was a bulb that was rated at a color temperature of at least 5500 K– the bulbs I just recently got are 6500. They are described as “cool” light although the temperature is hotter. I figure they will balance out the warmer lights in the room I’m putting them in.


      • There’s a big difference. We installed sunshine tubes at work and it cut down on so much eyestrain when staring at a computer screen all day. I think these give off the equivalent sunlight of midday. Standard fluorescent lights are cold, harsh lights that (I’ve heard) should only be used in garages. Another problem with them is that it throws off the colors you see on a computer screen..well, how your eyes see the colors. I guess the tubes are still technically fluorescent tubes, but the lighting is better.
        I have daylight bulbs at home. They probably came from Target and they’ve lasted for quite awhile


      • Oh yeah, I really don’t like all the mercury in the CFLs. That’s not in the incandescent or daylight bulbs


  3. I love all the trees dolled up in fall colors, the cripness in the air, lots of hot drinks like mulled cider, and the wonderful smell of pumpkin pies, but like you I miss the wonderful light of summer. I have one full spectrum lamp. I’m going to have to take it to work soon. I don’t work anywhere near a window.


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