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Flight time September 10th, 2010


Well, Friday was more learning experiences.  I decided to try making a train out of a plastic delta kite (which I had gotten from my grandfather), with my trusty nylon delta kite.

The field was crowded– the school American-style football team was practicing on the gridironed section, where I normally set up and fly, as a nice bench is back there.  In front of them were football/soccer players practicing.  I suppose I should have gone behind the school, as there was space there.

But I set up at a bench near one of the baseball diamonds alongside the street, near an intersection.  A boy and a girl were lying on the grass nearby, making out.  I pretended not to notice them.

Unfortunately, I found that the paper and plastic reinforcement on the plastic kite was coming apart.  I thought I’d be okay, although the wind was picking up strong.  Sadly, the string ripped away and the two kites wound up on the roof of someone’s house near the intersection.

I knocked on the homeowner’s door.  He had a screen door  that was all metal with pinholes; he could obviously see me but all I heard was a voice.  He said that I had permission to retrieve the kites, but he didn’t have a ladder.  To make a long story short, I knew I’d need a 10-foot ladder, and I couldn’t find one.  I may cut my losses, since I had a duplicate of the plastic one, and the nylon one was something I’d purchased cheaply enough.  There were three separate tails on the nylon one, again, easily replaced.

I called Kelly Wright at Columbia River Kites and found out they run the business out of their house.  (I was thinking of going down to Oregon and meeting them there today.)  They explained they would be at a hot air balloon rally about 45 minutes from my home, and that I might meet up with them when the rally took place two weekends from now (Sept. 24-26).

We took our children to my sister’s for dinner and a play date, and we went to a church dinner.  I had been so distracted I hadn’t prepared a thing, so we purchased baguette slices, chili con queso dip, and coleslaw at the supermarket on the way.

After dinner, Cimmy and I went to the nearby elementary school, and got the duplicate kite up with some coaxing.  The bright red and yellow colors of the kite, as well as the fluorescent yellow color of the twine line, made it easier to see the kite in the twilight hours.  She helped me get it down quickly when it was a quarter to 8PM (19:45h), since the winds were steady enough higher in the air, and then we went and picked up my children.  We took a little time to visit.

So, there’s still two of my kites on someone’s roof, but otherwise, it was a good day.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

2 thoughts on “Flight time September 10th, 2010

  1. Well, at least they’re not in a tree! But I’m kind of thinking that if someone landed kites on my house, I’d actually want them to get them off, you know?


    • Indeed! But I guess he figured there wasn’t much he could do since he didn’t have a ladder.


      I will have to get to it very soon, but finding the ladder has proven a bit difficult. Someone at church has a ten foot ladder– asked him at the dinner– but I could not get any sort of commitment at that time. I’ll have to try again tomorrow.


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