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[TechsWrite] Keeping up with News & Blogs: Feed readers

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I’ve just published Keeping up with News & Blogs: Feed readers to TechsWrite.

It is a quick primer on the difference between desktop news/blog aggregators, which store information locally on your own machine, and online news/blog aggregators, like Bloglines and Google Reader– and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

I have referenced Margy’s article– I suggest reading her article before you read mine.

I have not yet made a subjective comparison between feed readers.  I will cover that in a future post.  Right now I have been using Linux Feed Reader (Liferea) and Cimmorene has been testing FeedDemon on Windows (so far, she likes it very much).  I need a volunteer to run NetNewsWire on Mac and to please offer me some feedback.  These are all desktop aggregators, but according to Google, they will ALL synchronize with Google Reader.  Cimmy synchronized Google Reader to FeedDemon without a hitch.

I am cross-posting this to some of my other blogs.  Any feedback is completely welcome.  Feedback on the article itself is welcome.  Feedback on what you like to use for feed reading is welcome.

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