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About the Tulsi solar-electric oven


I received this message at Flickr today:

I am busy writing an ebook and would really like to use one of your photos of your Tulsi solar-electric hybrid oven? I would obviously attribute the photo to you and show a link to your page as well-would that be OK with you?


[name withheld by me]

My reply:

Would you let me know which picture(s) you would like to use? That way, I'll simply change its settings for a Creative Commons license. That will probably make things much easier over the long term, and from what I remember, that includes the documentation you're suggesting, but avoids any potential conflict later.

I appreciate your interest. I was thinking of opening up some of my photos to outside use. Let me know what works for you.

I guess I'll see how things go!

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Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

3 thoughts on “About the Tulsi solar-electric oven

  1. YaY!! How cool is that. I hope it works well for you!I was telling Chris about the solar oven last night. I Googled it and almost all of the results came back directly to your VOX account. (I did use a copy/paste from your VOX post to get those results. I got different results when I searched differently.) Some times I forget that the crawlers pick up our 'viewable by anyone' VOX posts.


  2. Yeah, I don't mind that some of my public posts have been indexed; some things I would like the general public to know about.


  3. That's really cool!!


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