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Pirate Chili Sauce T-shirt


I love Crazy Shirts.  They are of good quality, and well made.

This is what I bought with the birthday money I got from my grandparents:

This T-shirt was dyed in real chile sauce.  This is what the tag on the shirt had to say:

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Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

10 thoughts on “Pirate Chili Sauce T-shirt

  1. Both Chris and Jordan would love a shirt like that. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Keep that in mind then, my friend. I ordered it online at the Crazy Shirts website right here (<– follow that link!)


  3. Awesome. I'm totally dig this . I had no idea you could dye shirts.


  4. Oh, it's probably a twist on the original process of coloring textiles– no idea if folks used chiles before, though.


  5. if you liked that you should see the shirt mom got me on their vacation.. Shirt pic! XD and i totally approve! yar!


  6. Ye should have a pic wearin' it with pride, too… yarrr!


  7. Apparently I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday! We were away, then my internet was just crap for days and days, I'd get little minutes here and there, couldn't string them together for much, lots of spinning. So now I'm all caught up on your blog. The food looks pretty good, really anything you wrapped in bacon or dough would be good, I think. The dog adventure sounds interesting, but dogs like that are such a liability. Someday you will be able to have one, then you get yourself a nice, medium-sized mutt. Cheap to care for, and have staying power. And—people…gossip? About other people? Not on a TV show? This is an alien concept to a loner like me. I'm sure you're better off without people like this, though.


  8. I figured you'd be around eventually, whatever the reason.Thanks for all your feedback.


  9. Yeah kind of like beet juice I guess. When I first saw it I though, does it make you hot? until I read the label. because at first I could imagine someone trying to work out in a shirt such as this and the sweat reacting with the dye would not be cool. I do enjoy the idea. very cool and creative.


  10. Oh, this is just so awesome cool!!! Great art!!


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