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Pollical dog.


(+1 if you catch the reference in the title)

I had just gotten back from taking my father to physical therapy again and had been chatting with him for a little while when Cimmy called and said someone had come by and said they had found a stray dog in the stairwell near our end of the breezeway, next to our unit.  She asked that I come home so we could take the dog to Animal Control in the next city over; the Humane Society in our city said they wouldn't take strays on any condition.

I said I didn't know where Animal Control was and wanted a family member to go with me and I was suddenly greeted by some stranger saying he'd go with me.  To be honest, I didn't completely understand what was happening at the time and I mumbled that I was thinking Princess would go with me.  So thankfully he handed the phone back to Cimmy, and I told her that I'd wrap things up with my father and be home ASAP.

I got home and made some better observations.  Cimmy had the dog wrapped up in a blanket– it appeared to be a very malnourished and possibly dehydrated Chihuahua puppy.  She had coaxed it to drink a little bit of water.  A few of its claws were painted in strange hot pink and purple colors; maybe the previous owner had decided it was a girl although on closer examination it appeared to be a male.

Cimmy was getting attached pretty bad, so she went into the management's office to ask about the pet deposit again.  $400.  No way.  By this time the man and woman that had stopped by had left and the kids were in the car, and she decided to stop by my father's to get directions to Animal Control.  Seemed odd to me (why didn't we look up directions on our own computers earlier) and I was worried that Dad would think we were dumping it on him.  He expressed such when he answered the door but we quickly printed off Google Map directions and were off.

Someone did answer the door at Animal Control although we were 30 minutes past the posted office hours.  The man informed Cimmy that our manager would have to be the one to drop it off– tomorrow, after confirming (and filling out paperwork to that effect) that no one was claiming the dog.  We drove back home and Cimmy cried much of the way.  We got permission from the manager to let the dog stay overnight with us, and then to bring it to him first thing in the morning when he opened the office.

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7 thoughts on “Pollical dog.

  1. awe. Poor Cimmy. Poor puppy. There is no way a Chihuahua can make $400 worth of damage…even if it were left alone in the apartment for days on end all alone.(((hugs))))Hopefully the little guy will find himself a nice warm home. I think small dogs and puppies usually do not last long at shelters as they tend to get adopted pretty quickly.


  2. I'm trying to not feel bad about it, but I'm failing miserably.


  3. Shoot. I still feel bad about taking Frodo to the pound/shelter-thing….and he'd snapped at our 18-ish month old niece. He was a big strong nasty tempered dog…and we had no idea the next time he'd decide to snap and he might not miss if there was a next time.Jordan still thinks Frodo got adopted by a family with no small children. My reaction to the whole thing is a VOX post that I had out for the public to see. After getting attacked a couple of times (by people creating a VOX account just to verbally beat me up) I changed that post to 'me only'. I didn't want to lose it as what I wrote was exactly what I was feeling at the time.This was a little dog. He will be okay…and he will make someone a very happy puppy dog owner.


  4. I remember. Trish. I still believe you should tell him eventually… sooner rather than later.I'm sorry to hear others decided to be abusive here– but I've seen it so many times before in various corners of cyberspace over many years. I'm sure you did the right thing to save that post.Me feeling bad is more about just wanting a dog, and circumstances making such rather impossible. I'm not too worried about what happens with this one, although I do hope he is adopted.


  5. Me feeling bad is more about just wanting a dog, and circumstances making such rather impossibleI know exactly how you feel. While I was working that temp job at the beginning of this week a really cute and thin teen-kitten showed up and hung out by the front door. I wanted to take her home so much. But, other than giving her food and water there really wasn't much else we could do with her during these financially strapped times. Food and water does not make a good home. She needed vet care (especially so she wouldn't procreate) as well as flea meds and other assorted things that we just don't have the money for. All I can do is just hope that someone took her home and gave her a better life than hanging out at the front door…begging for food and attention.


  6. still believe you should tell him eventually… sooner rather than laterI agree. Chris and I are going out on 'date night' tonight. I think I'll bring it up and we'll throw the idea around. Sometimes I am amazed at how mature Jordan is…then other times I marvel at how stupid he is and how did he make it this far w/o permanent injury. LOL!


  7. Oh, no. How heartbreaking and tough to have to take him and then bring him back home knowing he had to leave the next morning. I'm so sorry.


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