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Solar cooking


It worked well last time (about a week ago) with a Cornish game hen, so today I'm doing a ham.

This is a Tulsi solar-electric hybrid oven.  It folds up and can be carried like a giant suitcase.  It is manufactured in India and a note that came with the package says that solar cooking is an ancient method there.  The lid has a reflective mirror and the side reflectors are removable.  The oven also has two electric heating elements that can be plugged in with an optional AC cord connected, and there are two rocker switches to turn them on and off.

I bought this a few years ago so I could avoid heating up the house in the hottest months of the summer here, which is July and August.  It took me this long to figure it out, hehe.  Right now I am using it for defrosting and slow cooking.  If all goes well I will try using it to make yogurt, although I think it may be yet too hot to do that right now.

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9 thoughts on “Solar cooking

  1. Fascinating. How difficult would it be to build one of these?


  2. I think this particular design would be quite difficult to make on your own. But plans abound for other homemade solar ovens. Many of them just look like a square packing box with its flaps opened, or a satellite dish.Plans for Solar Cookers — The Solar Cooking Archive has some great ideas.


  3. I don't remember exactly where I got it from, but try this link: see that it is also available from, at least in the U.S.


  4. Wow…..that's really fascinating. What an awesome gadget!!!


  5. Well, if I can figure out for sure whether the electrical heating elements are working, it will be even more awesome.


  6. Hahahahahahahahaha…..I'm not so good at figuring out those things either.


  7. Wow. I think this is the same brand that we had, all those years ago. I don't remember any electric elements, though. As far as I remember, the solar cooker did a good job with rice and beans.


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