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Flight time June 17th, 2010: Some company


We got out there quite early– I was hoping to have Jak Jr. join us, but he would not relent to having shoes and socks put on his feet.

We were out there for a little while, and after the sun came out, a couple of kids joined us for some kite flying.  So I went back home quickly to get my straw hat (it was overcast when we started– I didn't think I'd need it) some water bottles filled with water, and the digital camera.

Princess at the bench 2Princess at the bench 1

This is the bench I like to go set up at.  It's one of the few permanently set benches on the schoolyard.  Princess posed oh-so-charmingly for me.

Setting up againKoi stunt kite in actionKoi stunt kite

Since flying a kite and taking a photo is difficult to do at the same time, Princess took these shots.  That aerial shot was especially difficult to set up, so we were quite happy when she got it.

The Prism TensorThe Prism Tensor 4The Prism Tensor (flier on kiteboard)The Prism Tensor 5

This bad boy is one of Prism's Tensor series kites.  It's a quad (4)-line power/traction kite.  If you click through to see the pictures at full size, you'll see that he has it set up on the control bar, which is just basically a big long handle, but can be separated to two separate handles (two lines on each one).  Here's a picture of it from the Prism website:

What's that funny looking corded thing attached in the middle?  Prism calls it a "Kite Killer", but basically it's just a brake line.  The strap attaches to your wrist so that when you let go of the handle (or the bar), the kite falls to the ground.  And yes, this young man had to use it a time or two.  He was very gracious to let us take a few pictures.

If you look again at the pictures, you'll see he's on a funny-looking skateboard with big wheels.  That's a kiteboard.  If you're not in a dune buggy, or on a surf board designed for kiteboarding, or figuring you'll jump into the air or be pulled along on some slick-soled shoes, you use something like that.

This is his sister and unfortunately we just weren't able to get any photos of her with her kite.  She was flying a Snapshot 1.2 without a tail and in different colors.  It must have been a newer kite because I noticed a difference in the wrist straps– evidently, Prism has started using red and blue colors instead of red and gray.

She was quite grateful that I stopped what I was doing for a moment to help untangle her lineset.  I told her we had similar frustrations when we first started.  But she was better set up than we were then– she had some good kite stakes to pin her lineset down.  They were almost EXACTLY like what the Columbia River Kites folks described to me, with golf ball tops.  But unlike theirs, which they made from metal rebar and actual drilled golf balls, these looked like they'd been manufactured that way.

We thanked them for joining us when they finally packed up and went home.

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9 thoughts on “Flight time June 17th, 2010: Some company

  1. Cool. I have never been able to get a kite into the air….and on the rare occurrences that someone I knew had a kite in the air—if they let me hold the line/string then the kite would just go crashing to the ground. So, yeah. I love to watch them in the air and I love the feeling alive feeling that you get when the kite is flying and tugging to be free. It is a feeling very similar to what you feel when fishing and a fish takes your bait….pull pull, tug tug…Yup, I need to go fishing sometime soon. It's just too bad that I am terrified of snakes…or I'd go fishing all by my little lonesome. oh well.Princess is a very cute little girl and she took some good shots of you and the kites. Too bad the little one would not consent to having socks and shoes put upon his feet. Looks like he missed out on a great time.


  2. I have never been able to get a kite into the air….and on the
    rare occurrences that someone I knew had a kite in the air—if they
    let me hold the line/string then the kite would just go crashing to the
    ground.As I said before, it takes practice and patience. I've been at this for a year or two, and have put in many days of both! It helps to have at least ONE kite that you know for sure is easy to fly. Where I'm at, those very triangular-shaped kites they call deltas are perfect to most wind conditions. When I'm having difficulty flying my other kites, the delta never lets me down, unless the wind really is too light and gusty.Starting with kite designs that are PROVEN to fly easily really does make a difference. And it also helps me to remember that some moments, and some days, just aren't very ideal for flying– and adjust my tactics accordingly, even deciding to let things go for the day.Yup, I need to go fishing sometime soon.I understand what you're saying about fishing. I'd love to go again sometime myself. The cost of a fishing license is one obstacle– and the reluctance to go alone is another. Mostly, I'd say the license fees get in the way, but I would very much rather go with at least a family member or a friend.Too bad the little one would not consent to having socks and shoes put upon his feet. Looks like he missed out on a great time.He's 3; I'm sure you know that's to be expected.


  3. He's 3; I'm sure you know that's to be expectedJordan was four when I taught myself a valuable lesson. Don't threaten the kid with something you can NOT follow up on. He was four and I needed to go to the store. He refused to put on his socks and shoes. I told him he wasn't coming with me if he didn't have them on. Then I threatened him with: If you don't put them on in the next couple of minutes I will get in the car and leave you here while I go shopping. So, when he didn't put them on I had to pick up my purse and the car keys. He was still barefoot so I walked to the front door. "I'm leaving with out you if you don't put them on!" No luck, so out the door to the car—-now he's crying and sobbing on the sidewalk and I'm getting into the car…cry sob, but no socks or shoes…I started the car (I was hoping I was not scarring him for life)…back out of the driveway. He was now screaming—-"No, Mommy! NO!!" I rolled down the street a couple of feet—-and asked him if he was ready to put his socks and shoes on so he could go with me. He snuffled back some more tears and sobs—then proceeded to sit down on the sidewalk and put his shoes and sock on. I left the car on the street (cul-de-sac) and went into the house to lock up.Yeah, that was not one of my more pleasant Mommy-choices. Since that day I haven't made a threat that I wasn't prepared to stand by….and somehow I've inherited the 'Mom-guilt' gene from my mother-in-law. I do not do or say anything intentionally to make the kid feel guilty and do things the way I want them done, but my husband will tell me: "My Mom couldn't have done that better". heh, kids will be kids.I love my kid. I have to do it right the first time as I don't get to go back and make different decisions based on life experience.


  4. and somehow I've inherited the 'Mom-guilt' gene from my mother-in-lawHow would you genetically inherit something from an in-law? Wait, don't answer that one… it feels too much like a Jeff Foxworthy kind of joke. And that would be silly, not to mention inaccurate! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. How would you genetically inherit something from an in-law?See…that's why I said 'somehow'. :^P My Mom doesn't 'do' the Mom-guilt thing. Or at least she doesn't practice it with me. Chris's Mom, however, dishes up at least one serving a day.


  6. I'd say it was a special super-secret family tradition that somehow popped up like a bad white elephant gift. But I'm also teasing. I understand the family guilt trip; definitely not a relaxing vacation!


  7. Thank you! I shall.


  8. Princess did a great job with her photos. It's very cool to watch people get those big "sheets" up in the air – they have an annual kite flying day on the National Mall which is great fun. I haven't flown one myself since I was about 10 years old! ๐Ÿ™‚


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