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Flight time June 9th, 2010: Princess and jak get soaked


This is a two-parter.  Part I has more to do with the title.

Part I

I went out with my daughter to my usual spot at the middle school field while Cimmy and Jak Jr. went to the bishop's storehouse to pick up some food.

I decided to try out one of the new plastic tube tails I got from Into The Wind, on the Nexus kite.  If you forgot what the Nexus looks like:

Princess agreed with Cimmy that the red one would look better than the yellow one.  So red it was; picture that on the kite instead of that purple menace that cut up one of my linesets.  The wind was steady, and easy.  It wasn't long before the weather shifted and it started to rain.  Around here, usually, it's only a little sprinkle.  I was wrong.  It eventually started coming down hard and in increasingly bigger droplets, and we got soaked.

So I brought the kite down and started packing up.  Princess was very eager to get home and into a nice warm bath and I just couldn't hurry fast enough, but I asked her to stay.  By the time I finally put the Modulus lineset back on its clear plastic winder, got that tail somewhat stuffed away, and got the Nexus taken apart and the velcro strap around it (no way was it going back into its original bag wet like that), the rain finally stopped somewhat and the sun came out.  We headed straight home, however, so we'd be ready to help Cimmy with the foodstuffs.  But first, Princess drew herself a bath.

Part II

After fixing hot dogs for dinner and enjoying the same, I quickly went to Home Depot to get some 3/16" (for one of my kites) and 1/8" doweling for kitemaking projects.  I came home and cut the 3/16" to fit as an upper spreader for this kite:

since the original one has gone missing.  (I found out that Into The Wind has some accessories and parts for kite making and repair, so that upper spreader will be replaced by a fiberglass rod soon enough).

So I returned to the field, this time by myself, and started flying that baby.  The lightweight Modulus lineset slipped on quickly.  If you can see from the picture, the kite uses thin nylon rope on the bridles, instead of hooks like Prism does.  Because the linesets had extra Laser Pro line attached to the sleeving, I simply made lark's head slipknots behind the big knot ends of the nylon loops.  I'd gotten a lot better with my technique since I flew this kite last, so it was a joy to fly.  I noticed that it turned a lot faster than my Jazz and Nexus kites, and I think it will be easier to learn tricks with it.  The fish tails you see dangling in the picture flapped in the breeze.  But eventually stronger winds snapped my temporary upper spreader.

So back to the Nexus it was, to at least give the kite a chance to dry out.  When the wind got too strong, the sun had sunk well below the horizon, and some middle school students started streaming out of the school building after some activity I have no idea about, I brought the kite down, packed everything up again, and went home.

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Author: jaklumen

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5 thoughts on “Flight time June 9th, 2010: Princess and jak get soaked

  1. It sounds like the kites had lots of fun, and you as well. That fish kite is so cool looking!!


  2. I'll have to take some aerial shots of it. I hadn't realized before what a beautiful kite it really is. I hope I'll find that fiberglass upper spreader soon, or be able to repair it more permanently. It won't be hard, but lacking money, replacements don't come easy.


  3. Arrrrrg….I so know that drill. Good luck with finding the replacement at a very, very reasonable price!!


  4. Oh, I can easily get something for about $1.50 or so. Repair is not expensive at all. But no money is no money, and I have to wait until next month.


  5. I know what you mean.


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