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A little something that made my day


As some of you may or may not know, I write music reviews for W♥M, and my last review was for a band called Frame the City (which can be found here), and I had kept in touch with Nate Moceri by e-mail to get that done.  When I let him know the review was published, we had a little side conversation:

very cool!!  Thanks a ton!  Glad to hear things are better on your end.  I know you mentioned other Portland bands when we were emailing earlier, and I forgot to ask, but are you from Portland?

No, I'm not.  I'm 3 hours slightly northeast and a state up in the Tri-Cities area in Washington state.

Very cool. I'm very familiar with that area. You're in the northwest and that's all that matters.

Thanks so much, man, that totally made my day.  I've had the chance to travel around this region a little bit, living for periods of time in some spots (especially the South Hill neighborhood of Spokane), although I am mostly here in Kennewick.  It's all pretty wonderful.  People get really down about my area being culturally desolated and starved, but I think it's pretty much a matter of perspective– there's still wonder and beauty to be found if you know where to look.

Best wishes in your musical journeys; it's been a pleasure.

I hope to meet more people like him in the near future.  We generally are pretty laid back in the Northwest, but some get a little caught up in the hipster and jet set priorities.  I would love to kid and say "and then they go 'Frisco", but then, we get people coming from Cali probably for similar reasons– if not just because it's cheaper! 😉

It also reminds me that it is totally worthwhile to be more hands on and personable with the independent acts I review.  It's cool enough that I can enjoy great music, often for free or cheap, but it's also very cool when I can interact with the artists.  Don't get me wrong, producers and stuff are cool, too (I had an exclusive arrangement with a company called Massive Music for a while, lots of lovely and weird music), but well, yeah, y'know.  You can be more yourself and less business.   

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4 thoughts on “A little something that made my day

  1. Addendum (Nate's last reply, and I will let him have the last word):Thanks, you too! That's really great perspective. And for those who
    don't know where to look, you can be the one to guide them there…


  2. Friendly and appreciative people rock!!


  3. They do make it all worthwhile. Thanks again.


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