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Shuddering with rage


Because I'm lazy and this explains this well enough, re: Facebook:

My tolerance for zealous political statements <= 0. The last one: supposedly setting the record straight that federal employees earn more than those in private companies. My mother's a fed employee, her work is stressful and never ends. She had to take off work just to see if the docs can yet find out what's wrong with Dad. I've had it. Call me drama llama, I really couldn't give two shits about it.

Gah, the counseling can't come fast enough as "Good Little Boy" is proverbially juiced now.

Remember these lovelies?

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6 thoughts on “Shuddering with rage

  1. this explains this well enough,Nope, sorry. That doesn't explain why you are shuddering with rage. Maybe if I knew a bit more about the players. But, I hear you are very angry and I don't have to know why or at who. Go ahead and rage some more. I'm here. I'll listen to you. It is much better to get it out than to let it fester and force it to come out in a different way at a later time.


  2. It had more explanation than what I was going to say.I've grown very, very, very tired of certain people's need to express political zealotry. It goes against the nonconfrontational nature I learned, and this one also pressed my "But I'm a Good Boy!" button at the "Oh SHIT, GO APESHITTTT!" level. It pisses me off that some can think they can air their stinky opinions with absolutely no thought of what damage they might do, particularly when they DO give hurt and offense, and they believe they are making the world better for it when it is quite clear that they are not.It further angers me when these are people I have met in person and have known for some number of years. This idiot was someone I went to school with. This has happened several times, and I have gotten a variety of responses– from the indifferent, to the mocking, to the accepting– but mostly negative ones. I blocked him outright– I wasn't ready to wait and see if he would get hemmorhoids and a hernia about it.Perhaps I have too much expectations in those who I know personally, but I still think people should learn to hold their tongue. I couldn't give a rat's ass about how the record needs to be set straight how it is not private sector employees earning more than government ones, but the other way around– no, all I know is my mother is a federal employee with a never-ending pile of work, and work hard she does because my father is in really shitty health.I am tired of people raging about healthcare at their expense– gee, I'd think those morons would be whistling a different tune once they realize how ghastly expensive the alternative is. Ho, but they think putting the mentally ill who do not have access to treatment is more acceptable? Morons, utter morons! Would they wish that on their own? The way they talk, I think they would, the heartless bastards, or otherwise, they are utter fools, who cannot stop their holes flapping regardless of the circumstances.


  3. I've gotten to where I can barely tollerate most political discussions. The hard liners are always intollerable and even the "constructive" conversations can be frustrating because our country is just so screwed up. Sure, there are lots and lots of good things, but so many people are still suffering so much.
    Keep on keepin' on, Friend. I know it's hard and very frustrating at times, but even in your anger I can see that you seem to be doing better.
    Hope you all get some info about what's going with your dad.
    Take care.


  4. Ah. I see. I personally stay away from political discussions because I am ashamed to admit that I do not read up on the who, what, when, where and why. I understand that there is such a chasm of difference between the two sides and I'm pretty much in the middle…so I don't ruffle feathers and I don't share my opinion—mostly because my opinion is not a well thought about, well learned one. With the Feds and with the private sector there are extremes. Some get paid really well and some do not get paid anywhere near what they are worth. The extremists refuse to see two sides to every story and that each and everyone of us has a different life story that we've lived. I'm tired of all of the bickering back and forth—-and I don't even pay that much attention to it. So, I know it must really grate on the nerves of those of us that are out there listening, reading, and expounding their opinions.I still have no idea why the left-wing crazies and the right-wing crazies can't just meet in the middle and make things happen that need to happen. This country is in sad shape and we need to elect the people into office that have the country's best interest at heart. Not the best Republican or the best Democrat. We need the best for the country as a whole.(heh, look, you got me started on something I don't normally discuss because I know I don't have enough knowledge of the problems/topics/situations to back my thoughts up.)Hope you dad is doing better.


  5. I just expressed some political zealotry in my page. I bet you'll agree, though. 🙂


  6. Acknowledged. But perhaps I should use different words. I've never known you to take emotion and actively use it against others, but instead explain your perspective in a fairly rational way (which I appreciate). What bothers me is those that basically emotionally spew on others.I spew too, but usually try to make it in a metaphorical bucket instead of on everyone's shirts. Whether I hit or miss, though, I suppose is debatable.Oh and yes, I think I agree… coming over to articulate it better.


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