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Flight time April 22, 2010 (A new adventure)

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Today Princess got to do some flying, too.  We started with the kite at the left.  She has since put some designs on it, but we will probably make another, since we need something that can be more easily taken apart and stowed away when the winds come up.
I think another visit with Mr. Greger is in order, with Princess coming along.

We started with a test flight in a spacious corner of the apartment complex, at the northeastern most end next to the city runoff ditch.  We got a few curious youthful onlookers, so I suspect if we keep things up, we might be able to get them interested in this part of my hobby.  

We did not have nearly enough space, however.  So we moved away back to the middle school field.  That corner will come in handy when we start making more kites.  I quite enjoyed helping her out, and the winds were very light at that time, so she eagerly ran across yards of grass to keep it afloat.

But the wind started blowing much more fierce, so much that I had to weight down this kite with my sandals and walking stick.  Princess agreed to fly the delta kite (top right– I still need to get a better, "live" photo).  It did not take her long to get it high up into the air, and she began taking a lounging stance as some of you may remember from an earlier photo (bottom right) with that fluorescent yellow string on a black pool I like to use.

For some reason, however, the kite kept diving to the ground, and she had let out a lot of line.

  She was managing to get it back up into the air a few times, but unfortunately, the kite didn't have open field to crash in, and it fell right over the fence into someone's yard.  Fortunately, the lady of the house had been out and met us before, walking her pug dog, and so she and her husband brought the kite back out and helped us get the line untangled, while I rewound it back to the spool.

I had been flying the Snapshot 1.2– what Prism calls a "speed foil".  Thankfully I had remembered to take the tent stakes so I could stake down my lines and go help!  Yes, kite fliers flying dual line kites sometimes stake down their lines so things will stay put if needed.  Back at the kite festival (see My first kite event), one of the fliers simply used a screwdriver.  Rick & Kelly of Columbia River Kites told me they made stakes using rebar and drilled golf balls.  I figured I would get just plain old tent stakes for cheap at Wallyworld– and they sure saved my hide today.

Princess decided she'd had enough, so I continued flying the Snapshot.  I discovered that my project of transferring line to the old blue and red reels I had been using before wasn't perfect– I ran out of line on the blue long before I ran out of line on the red.  I can see now why fliers make sure lines are of equal length beforehand.  I must be getting better with my skills, as I was able to untwist even those lines with that kite in the air.

The soccer team came out to practice again, but I made sure I was well out of their way.  After the wind settled down a bit, I brought out the Jazz on the Modulus lines again and practiced the same things I spoke about last time: untwisting lines while flying, figure 8s, combination turns, and basic landings.  After a while, Princess needed a potty break, and I needed to come home to fix dinner.  She went out ahead of me and waited at the crosswalk, while I packed everything up.  I wished the soccer team good practice again on my way out, and that was that.

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