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Gateway to the sky… am I afraid to fly?


<— I got in touch with this guy.  (The photo is from this link.)

He did the photography for these two books:

Kites for Everyone books
Margaret Greger

His late wife is the author.  I had NO IDEA she was a legend of sorts within the kiting community.

(Not convinced?  Read some of the reviews from the website.  Check out the rest of the website, too.  Apparently these books have been HUGELY instrumental in getting people interested in kites.)

It takes a lot to blow me away, and it takes even more for me (as I consider myself pious) to be blown away to the point that requires an "OH. MY. GOD." response.  I'm sure I don't look like it right now, but I'm crying, laughing, and dancing inside.

This was his response:

The Ben Franklin Kite Society has existed for 30 or so years. But since
he population of hard core fliers in this region is not large, we gave
up trying to do a newsletter. Most of us are members of the American,
Washington and Oregon Kite Societies and get their newsletters. Also
Drachen and the World Kite Museum.

My wife, Margaret, who passed away a year ago was the author of five
books on kite making and I still have copies of her last two, Kites for
Everyone and More Kites for Everyone which I am trying to dispose of to
individuals or groups that will make use of them. Check her web site, as
shown below:
CREHST Museum has five of Margaret's special kites on display.

This spring I did five kite making sessions at CREHST Museum, Community
Center and out at McNary Environmental Ed. Center, doing the Conover
Eddy, a very good beginner kite.

Check in with me for any way I can help in your kiting experience.

[He included his contact information, which is available from the website but I choose to withhold it]

This was my reply:

Thank you so much for getting in touch with me, and I appreciate all of the information.  I am very honored.

I've been flying for about a year. (, just to give you an idea)  I had back surgery last October, so I've been a little isolated and behind the loop.  But I've been paying attention.

– One of my blog posts is a link to the Tri-City Herald story on the kite flying memorial.
– I remember the local news coverage on the CBC kite event in March.
– I was just getting out of an appointment at
[censored, sorry] when the Richland Community Center event took place and we got to the center just well after the event (kids were still flying their kites, though) and I found out about the kite event that following Sunday.  I couldn't go, but– that's you with the owl kite in the picture the Herald ran, right?  I used to volunteer for the City of Richland from 2003-2006 and [the Parks & Rec director] was very kind to provide me with your contact info.
– I think I remember mention of the kites at the CREHST museum.  Wonderful folks there and I will head over there as soon as I can.
– I met Kelly & Rick Wright of Columbia River Kites at the Columbia Crest Kite Festival.  Very nice, helpful, friendly people and the event was wonderful.  I mentioned e-mailing L
[previous head of the Ben Franklin Kite Society] (as he said I should get in touch with you too).

Right now I just fly at the [sorry, censoring this too] as it is just across the street from my apartment.  I don't get out much but I have been trying to get out more and meet more local people involved in this hobby.

Re: the books- I see that I can order from the Kites For Everyone site but as I'm right [nearby] I'd like to arrange a time to meet and get the books if that's all right.  Seems weird to me to have something shipped if I can just drive about 30 minutes and get it myself.  I can assure you that the books will be put to use (if only to get my daughter a little more enthused about my hobby– she usually just comes out with me and my son to be out from under my wife's feet).

I'm totally beside myself.

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2 thoughts on “Gateway to the sky… am I afraid to fly?

  1. That is wonderful that you were able to communicate with Mr. Greger. He sure looks like a dear old fellow in his picture!! Sounds like a good connection for you!


  2. That's pure awesomeness. I hope you can keep in contact with him. The kite flying has been so good for you.


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