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Flight time April 12, 2010

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It was light and breezy today, which was perfect for training stunts.

The Modulus lines were perfect for the wind speeds, and I used them on the Jazz, which is one of Prism's smaller basic stunt kites.  The ProLaser string used is very thin, as I said; almost like dental floss.  The color coding and the material helps with detangling them, and I did have to do so before packing up.  However, again, they are so thin that it is difficult to see them on the field.  Not like the fluroscent single line kite string I have on a spool, which stands out regardless.

I still need to study and memorize what to do, but I managed some full loop-de-loops, and one pancake.  It's too bad I didn't have technique committed to memory, because conditions really were perfect today.  And until they perfect some headgear cameras that can let you easily take pictures with your hands full, well, again, I'm sorry, but no pictures from the field.

My children were quite content to amuse themselves in the trees near the back fence, until they decided to go over to the baseball diamond on the other side of the field.  Princess thought it would be a good idea to coat her brother in dust:

He is wearing a shirt that his great-grandparents brought to him from Hawaii, and which JennTheAmazon (his aunt) delivered to us this afternoon.  Princess was wearing her T-shirt that they also got for her from Hawaii as well (but no, I don't have pictures of that right now).

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One thought on “Flight time April 12, 2010

  1. Your son looks so excited to be going somewhere with you. I bet they have a blast playing and watching you with the kite!


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