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My first kite event


This was a BLAST!  But we forgot the camera.  So no pictures, and no video (sorry, Freedom, it'll be soon enough… I promise).

It was a rough place to fly with a lot of trees and highly variable (pulsating, really) winds, but everyone still had a lot of fun even though Cimmy broke her diamond kite (easily repaired) and got a parafoil sled caught in a tree (no big deal- bought it cheap in the off-season).

This is the group that ran the event– a kite business/flying group based in Northeastern Oregon.  Really nice folks who I'd like to get together with again.  They shared some of the same frustrations I was facing– groups breaking up, becoming inactive, and people thinking you have to go to the beach to fly a kite.  (Not so!)  The lady confirmed what I quickly found out when I started– the fields next to schools are absolutely ideal!

I sent them an e-mail and plan to meet up with them for future events– I still wish they were right within my city area but they aren't too far away.  I will figure out soon enough how to get people here interested.

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4 thoughts on “My first kite event

  1. So glad you had a good time. I hope you and this group get along swimmingly. I also hope that they teach you a bunch and that you can show them a thing or two as well.


  2. Oh, they were quite congenial. A lot of the other people were quite friendly, too… talked to a guy that came up from Portland. Everyone was smiling and having a good time… would be easier to show that if I had pictures and such, hehe.Show them a thing or two… heh, well it does look like they've been into this a lot longer and invested a lot more (at least monetarily) than I have, but, I'm pretty sure it will be awesome all the way around.


  3. It sounds like a wonderful kite flying day and I look forward to the next time that you take your camera so we can see you flying the kites!!


  4. So glad you had such a great time!!


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