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Plants vs. Zombies vs. Boobies


If you're a gamer, maybe you've seen the ads for Evony.  In short, it's another casual web game that's become absolutely infamous for basically using cleavage to get attention for the game, when there isn't anything like that in the actual gameplay.  There was a recent Ars Technica story about how the infamy is even worse than that: allegations of spamming, said spamming being done through pyramid schemes (but no delivery on the goods), etc.

Anyways, as I mentioned PopCap's smash hit game Plants vs. Zombies, I couldn't help but notice reference to the company's satirical take on the Evony ads.  Here's a quick comparison:

This particular picture appeared in one of the Escapist's web articles about the spoof.  Tastefully done, I must say– most of the Evony ads look like lingerie shoots.  Old news, but still terribly funny.

According to the Ars Technica article, PopCap won't discuss the ad campaign anymore, but I will– the Evony ads were totally worthy of satire.

PopCap = 1,  Evony = not even 0, more like -1.

Maybe Evony, LLC will try to come out and sue me like they threatened Bruce on Games with such.  Ha.  Whatever.  They'll be trying to squeeze blood from a stone, or water from a turnip at best.

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Author: jaklumen

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7 thoughts on “Plants vs. Zombies vs. Boobies

  1. I don't understand much about these games but I would sure buy the first cover before any of the others (silly me).


  2. Well, but that's just it. There are no queens, princesses, or lingerie-clad women. It's a real-time strategy game like SimCity or Civilization– and worse, there's a claim the game has simply ripped pixels from Age of Empires.


  3. Wow, I had no idea all of that went on. I am surprised that they put in spyware in a game that people buy. That is just wrong!


  4. It's wrong, but WildTangent (another company) has been doing it for years.


  5. Well, I did supply some links. I usually try to hyperlink (referencing URLs I'm referring to) whenever possible. Understandable if you only have time to take a glance at this, but yes, click on links, and you'll usually find I leave a nice electronic trail to follow.


  6. Forgot to mention my encounter with WildTangent and their devious tricks was in the late '90s, early '00s or so.


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