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I like my sandwiches with bologna, not brains.


I think zombies are going to be a running gag:

I also cross-posted this to Cimmy's "I Hate Being Sick" group on Facebook.

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Author: jaklumen

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7 thoughts on “I like my sandwiches with bologna, not brains.

  1. LOL…that is hilarious. And how did you do that?? Cross post, I mean? I don't know how to do that. Really neat!


  2. Bummers. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you score some stone-ground mustard soon!!


  3. Every time we go to St. Louis to visit family Chris asks if I'm ready to try a brain sandwich. Every time he gets the same answer: No thanks, but you can have one. Neither one of us 'does' bologna either. Pastrami, roast beef, ham, turkey, salami—they can all be on a sandwich. But not brains and not bologna. 🙂


  4. And how did you do that?? Cross post, I mean?Copy -> Paste. It was just text. And the picture is simply a screenshot I cropped to size.


  5. I took what I could get… and it was bologna. Never done it up as a melt– doesn't quite work well (as the meat is a bit rubbery as is). But not too bad, for me.I suspect the ingredients are much the same as standard bland hot dogs, which is probably why many would rather have a traditional sausage of some sort than a hot dog.Oh, and I can see myself at least trying a brAAAAINNNNSssss *cough* brain sandwich.


  6. Cimmy just said that a friend suggested frying bologna. She said it bolled up, and apparently you need to put something on it to weight it down. (I knew it– it probably IS made of the same kind of stuff they use to make hot dogs. Probably would work better for a melt, too.)But again, if you and Chris don't like it, well, again, not unlike hot dogs, so I can understand.


  7. I don't buy it because Jordan is the only one that likes it and he wouldn't eat enough of it before it goes bad. So, I just don't buy it and he can have it whenever he visits his Aunt Maureen. The after-school day care that Jordan went to before we moved had fried bologna for lunch quite a bit. Jordan even gags at the thought it as he claims it is nasty. Jordan and Chris neither one likes traditional hot dogs—but grill up a Nathan's hot dog and they will both scarf them down. I find it a bit funny that they reject some highly processed meats and devour others.


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