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Today’s flight time.


This is an old photo and was not taken today.  But this was the kite I flew today, complete with the purple tail attached.  The wind was quite gusty and intermittent, but got very strong at times.  If it had been consistent, I would say it would almost have been strong enough for those big power kites that some use for windsurfing, dune jumping, and pulling buggies.  I have a power kite, but it is much too small for anything like that.
Both the kids accompanied me today so Princess Thunderstorm (Cimmy) could catch up on the housework.  They were surprisingly well behaved, both Princess and Jak Jr.  He did quite well sitting in the stroller, and when he managed to get out, was good on his backpack harness and leash, and Princess did an excellent job of looking after him, despite his penchant to wander towards the street.
We returned shortly before sunset.  Since I fly in the park on middle school grounds, I have to wait until the students are released… last time I tried in the morning last year, I had to have a little chat with the principal.  (No, it wasn't that bad– he just said I needed to inform the office.  But never again.)
I think Princess said next week is spring break for her so maybe there might be more pictures.  We'll see how it goes.

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Author: jaklumen

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3 thoughts on “Today’s flight time.

  1. I bet your children will have wonderful memories of flying kites with their dad!! Funny story about the principle. I would not want to have that meeting now, even as an adult. Hope you get some pictures next week!!


  2. espero que lo pases muy bien!


  3. Practico hace el maestro, por supesto (igualmente en divirtirme y gozarme tambi̩nРes un gran placer)


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