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Yet more on the dog quest


It will be many months before the new shelter site is built (the article says construction will start this summer), but it is closer to my side of town, far away from the traffic snarls near their present location.

The organization had me jumping through many hoops when I last tried to volunteer but now that they will be moving to a location closer to me I think it can be a viable option.

I still want a service dog, but this may be the most affordable and available choice in the short-term.

Author: jaklumen

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13 thoughts on “Yet more on the dog quest

  1. How are you doing?? You've been on my mind. Maybe I've been missing your posts. I don't get to Vox as much as I used to, but I always think of my Vox buddies.


  2. I'm hanging in there. I guess I'm not blogging as much as I used to.


  3. I am glad it will be nearer to you. I still hope that you can get a service dog too!!


  4. I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you if I've been missing your posts.


  5. Not at all, m'dear. I had thought nothing of it until you mentioned it. Life happens. Hope your day is magically delicious and all that (hee hee).


  6. Me too. We still need a house with a yard, and I need about 3-5 more months before I am healed enough to weather a move. If it takes a full year like my mother with her first surgery– well, we'll have to wait until spring break 2011 or summer 2011. Such as it is. Therefore, volunteering at this new shelter looks a little more likely.


  7. Good. I hope it happens for you!!


  8. Hahahahahahaha…..Actually it was a pretty good day!!


  9. Just dropped in from ILoveEeyore's blog. Don't know your situation, but here's a link to Paws With A Cause. Maybe you've already contacted them, but if not take a look. They fully train service dogs for handicapped at no cost to you. I had a service dog at one time (long story); the group is good one.


  10. Sorry, spelled in the link incorrectly. Here's the correction: Paws With A Cause


  11. They are too far away in Michigan (I am in Washington)… unless they have a location more locally I am not sure how much it would help.


  12. Well, though we don't 'know' each other online, I have emailed Paws and asked for info. I will let you know when I get the reply. Maybe their trainers travel with dogs to recipient's state, I don't know.


  13. Thank you. I found the site OK before I got your latest replies. I went ahead and requested information for myself.


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