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Get The Balance Right


This photo recently came out of the Photo Box in the "A Year of Love" gift that Princess Thunderstorm (Cimmorene) put together for me.  It was supposed to be saved for Christmas, but she just couldn't wait that long.  So, I will happily consider it both a Christmas and an anniversary (which was the 12th) gift.

This was a project I worked on when I was a student at Whitman College and a resident at North Hall, which is Walla Walla's old community hospital.  As I stated in the photo description, the construction worker in the foreground is my work and is based on a T&C Associates design made for Depeche Mode's 1983 single "Get The Balance Right" (see left).  I played around with this theme in some other artwork I did, but I don't think I have many surviving examples anymore.

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Author: jaklumen

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6 thoughts on “Get The Balance Right

  1. Very nice logo art!! Crisp, clean, uncluttered. It makes a statement.


  2. A dormmate said it looked like Soviet Communist art. Heh!


  3. Not sure if that was supposed to be a compliment or not. I really like the design. I'm sure you realize it's much harder to design a simple logo/symbol rather than one with lots of flourish.


  4. Yes, exactly!! I guess I'm a fan a clean lines. Picasso used to do an illustration of a bull that had maybe three lines. It was so simple and so simply awesome!!


  5. Someone else in the dorm had a T-shirt that did have Soviet propaganda on it. Maybe he thought "hammer" immediately gave it Soviet connotations. Whatever.I'm assuming TC&P's original design was based on British construction signs, so I drew from figures in U.S. school zone and crosswalk signs for my variations.

    I'm sure you realize it's much harder to design a simple logo/symbol rather than one with lots of flourish.

    I'd prefer to say that flourishes more likely are done to hide your mistakes. And yes, not everyone can draw like Jack Kirby could; I seem to remember reading Stan Lee saying something to the effect that Kirby didn't waste lines.Music seems to be the same way; a good jazz or live musician can put a flourish on a mistake to make it sound more intentional. Oftentimes, when it's done right, the audience prefers it. Think "Louie Louie" or "Inna Gadda Da Vida" (which was supposed to be "In The Garden of Eden").


  6. Great work! A tip of the beanie to both of you– and a belated Happy Anniversary!! : )


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