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The Te of Piglet

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The Te of Piglet
Benjamin Hoff

So this is what I'm reading right now.  Yeah, wow, you might be thinking– jak's reading a book, and not just periodicals.  It's a sequel book to The Tao of Pooh (which I read a few years ago), and written by the same author, of course.  Sometimes I read it to my daughter at bedtime.  Pretty deep compared to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (my wife has been going through the series with her).  I'm rather amazed she listens and asks questions.  They aren't much philosophical in nature; as I don't think I can expect too much of that at her age, but she does ask about what particular words and concepts mean, especially if I throw in an explanation or two.

This is not the only spiritual reading with have with her; we have a family scripture study, using a series of LDS scripture and books (the LDS "Standard Works" and LDS Church History, to be precise) adapted for children.

It's all a pleasure, really.  At some point I should acquire copies of both the Pooh and Piglet books.

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