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So I guess I had a walkabout today?


 My mornings have a nice predictability.  I get up, and I walk my daughter to the school bus stop.

Today was a bit of an adventure, though.  It simply started where I wanted to walk with a donation down to the nearby thrift shop.  They have a drop box on the corner of the street, so I did so.  Then I decided I wanted to walk over to the hospital's Diabetes Education building to weigh myself.  353 pounds.  Nice.  But I wanted to go on, so I walked to the library, to see if they had any books I wanted or movies to check out.  Not open yet.  OK.  I go to the adjacent park and get a drink.  They're open when I return.  I request "The Te of Piglet" at one of the catalog search terminals.  Meanwhile, there is nothing on the shelves that I want.

I'm very hungry; I hadn't eaten breakfast yet.  So I go further downtown to the Sun Mart that has a Subway, have a nice 6" buffalo chicken sub, and scribble the note you see above.  Walked past the old Sunburst video– quite a shame the business had to fold.  Looked at the beauty school that's located now in the old Penguin Plumbing building.  Wondered if they still had Halloween makeup.  (When I still played Live Action roleplay, such was needed now and then.)  Thought about going to the Big 5 sporting goods store on my way back to get camera binoculars.  Decided against it and continued on to Schuck's/O'Reilly's auto supply store to get a reuseable K&N air filter for the car.  Decided to get an oil filter of the same brand.  Hopefully it will pay off in the long run.

Did not want to climb the hilly street next to the store, so I doubled back to the street alongside the Catholic elementary school to take advantage of a shortcut only available to pedestrians.  Got home and had Cimmy put the air filter in.  The oil pump works, but there was no way she could get at the oil filter without crawling under the car, and we don't have the means to do that very well.  Besides, so little oil was drawn out and she thought she was missing something.  So we gave up and she took it to Wal-Mart to have it changed.

Now, if only I had the resources those trained monkeys do… 

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Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

11 thoughts on “So I guess I had a walkabout today?

  1. Forget the trained monkeys…just give me a percentage or two of Walmart's resources!! P.S. Feel free to keep the trained monkeys.


  2. Sounds like a lot of mobility. Good that you're feeling better.


  3. Yeah, a friend of mine refers to lube technicians (whether it be Oil Can Henry's, Jiffy Lube, or whatever) as trained monkeys. They're not greasemonkeys, or actual mechanics, but just guys trained to do a few particular things. I mean, the comparison is about right up there with Geek Squad employees at Best Buy and actual experienced computer technicians.I remember when the Wal-Mart trained monkeys said my transmission fluid was low and that they couldn't do it and I should have some other place do it. I checked it with a guy I was doing jobs for and he said it was just fine– even ideal.So yeah, I'd like to have a drive bay with a hole to a lower floor that lets me work under the car standing up instead of trying to crawl around on my back 😛


  4. HI!!!! 'm so happy to hear you're walking around like this. It's WONDERFUL!!!!!I made my first big walk today…took forever to get the entire walk "back" but YAY!!We're GREAT!!LOL…I have a download for you if your system can run it. Will go fin and bring back in a sec.


  5. OK, here it is:Corel Painter Essentials 4I don't know why it's free, if it's a trial or what, but I've been using it for a week and it's FABULOUS!!!!!! seems to have all its features and no restrictions on image size, saving, etc.I'm using it to paint, but it's got HUGE piles of cool nozzles and patterns and stuff that happen automaitcally..and woodcut features, etc. I hope you cna use it!As soon as I post this I'll check that link to make sure it works ok.


  6. Here's a painting I did with it.


  7. I think I overdid it yesterday, though. 6 miles was just too much.


  8. Nope. It gave me a Windows .exe file.Perhaps it can be run through Wine, but that is always a crapshoot.


  9. Gosh I wonder why it worked for my Mac? I thought .exe's were only windows.I'm sorry………


  10. Hard to say– would be easier if you remember the file type it gave YOU.My guesses:1. You're running Boot Camp?2. The page said "Welcome Lexar customers!" and perhaps it had a web cookie that said "this person coming in is a Mac user, give that user the Mac version" or something like that.


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