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So here's how yesterday went, in short order:

  1. No morning paper, even after we both called like 3 times.
  2. Walked Princess (my daughter) to the school bus stop.
  3. Physiotherapist came and visited– helped me to correctly sit on our low couch and to get in and out of our Honda Civic safely.  She told me that I still needed to walk more– so every 15-30 mins, I have to stop whatever I'm doing here on the computer and take a short walk.  I got swelling in my feet from standing too long.
  4. Princess Thunderstorm (Cimmy) got to take most of my staples out at the post-op appointment.  Sorry, I don't have any souvenir pictures– my son spilled some of them on the floor.  (He was quite happy to be out and running around.)  No more bandages– the ANRP wants the wounds to breathe and air out.  He gave Cimmy some iodine swabs to keep them clean.  No soaking (i.e., no pool time at the gym) until the 8th week, or about December.  That's OK, I suppose– maybe I can get a new swimsuit for Christmas.
  5. Visited City Hall to visit some friends I used to work for.  It involved steps, but I had been taught to step safely by the PT as well.
  6. Stopped at the grocery store on the way home for a pumpkin and some ingredients for lunch.  Jonagold apples were on sale, so I got a few since it was so close to lunchtime.  Made a very nice soba noodle salad when we got home.  My son had fallen asleep but he woke up quickly.  Cimmy said she thought it was because the rain woke him up.
  7. After my daughter got home, we went out to fly kites as the wind was good.  Brought some soup I had been cooking in the slow cooker.  Cimmy actually joined in for a bit, which she doesn't often do, and despite some frustrations getting her diamond kite to stay aloft.  The winds were changing direction a lot.  After flying the Nexus, everyone said they were cold, and the sun was setting, so we went home.  Everyone ate some of the soup I made– it really did turn out good.
  8. We had Family Home Evening and talked about showing love by action.  Then Cimmy and I helped Princess write letters to her Nana and Pop and to her great-grandparents.  These were pictures created for the project:
    The Power of FamilyWe Stand Together

    One is tracings of all the right hands of our family, and the other is tracings of all our right feet.

  9. Wished my uncle (Dad's younger brother) a happy birthday.  Maybe he'll see it.
  10. After family scripture study and prayer, I crashed and went to sleep– but only for five hours.  Gah.

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Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Glad to see that you are making rapid progress!


  2. That sounds pretty good, mister. You still need more sleep, though!


  3. If you qualify that statement with "uninterrupted", well, yes, yes, I do.Still working on it and not 100% sure what wakes me up before it's time. I have a few tools at my disposal, however.


  4. WAIT!!!!!!! Staples? You had surgery??????? I need to go look here to see!!!!!


  5. Sounds like you are healing rather well and rather fast. I like that. Makes me smile. Keep moving….moving will excelerate your healing time. Don't overdo, but don't underdo, either. I hope time passes quickly enough for you so it won't be any time before you are able to get back into the pool.


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