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A few more Nexus photos


Princess setting up for the launchGiddyup!Look Ma, two hands!Coming in for a landingNexus close-up on launch

Some photos that were not as appropriate for the REI review, but a little more candid and fun.  If you're bored enough to see the whole range of pictures taken on the trip, they are here at this album at Picasa.  There are some cute pictures of the kids, if that helps, and I should say Cimmorene really went all out (taking pictures over my shoulder, in front of me between the lines, etc.) to get some fantastic shots, especially the ones I used for the review.

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4 thoughts on “A few more Nexus photos

  1. Looks like a relaxing day 🙂


  2. It really was. It had to be stopped a little short as I had to go pick up some friends at their place for a D&D gaming session, but the sun was beginning to set anyways.


  3. These and the Picasa web album ones are WONDERFUL….so much fun…and terrific for keeping these memories alive in the years to come. Your kids will LOVE having them!!!!!!!One question I have: are there snow kites?


  4. One question I have: are there snow kites?How do you mean? The Prism site has a photo of someone flying a kite in winter.


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