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Re: 5 Truths, 1 Lie — Backstories


All right, since enough time has passed since I made this post, I thought I'd publicly reveal the full truth about them.

(Whattya know, no one pointed out I only told four truths!  I appreciate that you participated and thought it was fun, though.)
1.  About the downstairs neighbor running a brothel– yep, that one's true, although I usually get a few shocked reactions when I tell the story.  It wasn't exactly a nice place to be– our landlady at the time had moods that changed on a dime.  She also took the liberty to explain to our public housing specialist that a past tenant felt the need to streak around the parking lot buck naked.
Besides this story, the county sheriff's department staked out the complex, even knocking on our door and asking us questions about some neighbors.  I was so embarassed when my sister said our fourplex was on the local television news.
2. Yes, Donald Virgil Bluth really is my dad's cousin.  I looked up the genealogy myself.  His mother Emaline was my paternal grandfather's sister.  My paternal grandmother used to tell us what Emaline had told her about what he was doing– I remember finding out about An American Tail before it was released, although we had no idea what it was about, exactly.
3. However, I did not investigate distant relations to Mitt Romney very well other than Wikipedia, but Wikipedia at least had a family tree that looked authentic enough.  If I need to, I can do some more thorough research.  If you don't like the man's politics, well, I'm very sorry but I did say distant and it's not too likely I will ever meet him.  All I'm going to say is that he made his bed with the GOP (and had to appease them and shift some moderate stances) and there were Christian Coalition members that didn't like him because, well, with them, they think us Mormons don't believe in the same Jesus they do.  What the hell ever.
4. Two of you correctly guessed that this was the lie.  I did take guitar studies, but I've never played an electric bass (yet) in a band.  However, those might be my influences if I did make one.
5. This was at Ricks College, which is now BYU-Idaho.  All I'm going to say about that one.

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10 thoughts on “Re: 5 Truths, 1 Lie — Backstories

  1. Those were good. I did notice you only did 4, and puzzled over it as I started my own list. Which I've not gotten back to. But I will, when I can make them interesting.


  2. Oh, I expected you'd notice– but don't seem to remember you mentioning it back there. Looking forward to your list.


  3. Reblogged this on the tao of jaklumen and commented:

    Once again from the archives, the answers.

    Only one person offered a guess this time… what’s up with that?


  4. I really should give this a go, it seems all the cool kids are doing it.


  5. Dangit, I was wrong! *rips clothing and throws ash on her head*


    • Oh ey, ey, no need for sackcloth and ashes here!

      What was your guess? Was it what Jen & Tonic guessed? It comes with the territory, Aussa:
      Number 2 and 3 actually tie together. You should be able to find “cousin” Mitt easily on that chart. Now, look for Rey Pratt there. That’s my great grandfather. His daughter Emaline is Don Bluth’s mom. Rey’s second to youngest child is my grandfather, and my father is his middle son.

      Dad spilled the beans years ago when I saw a Dragon’s Lair laserdisc arcade game at the mall. I was jabbering about it like some excited kid, and Dad was so nonchalant. I asked him why, and he said, “He’s my cousin.” I thought he was trippin’, so when I got to Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho), I went to the Marion G. Romney (oops, there’s another distant family member, it seems) library and looked Bluth up in the genealogical records. Sure enough, it all checked out, and my grandmother’s stories made a lot more sense.


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