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Jazz it up


(Note: this photos are not mine, but are from the Prism site – just a note for purposes of copyright)

I got more flight time with the Jazz stunt kite today.  Accidentally put a small hole in it but nothing I don't think can be easily patched.


I finally figured out how to use the linesets that Prism includes with most of their kites, or at least got things working with the Jazz.  The Spectra line they use is strong, thin, and fairly lightweight.  How I managed to unwind and rewind the line on the reel without tangling them this time I'll never quite know.

These handles really do make a difference in control, especially as I was getting some good pull in the air.

I would have been out there for a good long while save my daughter was with me and whining to go home to use the bathroom, get a drink, and cool off.  Some kids from across the street evidently saw what I was doing and dashed out to fly their own single-line kites.  I'm usually the lone kite flier, but not today.

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Author: jaklumen

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2 thoughts on “Jazz it up

  1. Hehehe…what fun…kite flying company!!


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