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What a day!

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Well, I'm not going to post pictures of all the notes I took today.  Consider it an illustration, if you will.  This is the little black notebook Cimmy gave me– it was hers but I rather fancied the quadrille lines.

So, here's what I found interesting today.

  1. Exercising at the apartment complex exercise room.  Treadmill wasn't working for some reason, but I decided not to bother the manager about it and interrupt him while he was working.  So I decided to use the Health Rider, the aerobic step, and the weight machine– alternating the last two in a sort of circuit training pattern.  The treadmill and weight machine were new additions– near everything else save the Health Rider was broken or I couldn't fit on it.  The weight machine was nice to use, but hard to figure out, so I grabbed a few dumbbells to take care of some other exercises.  They were different weights, so I changed hands frequently.
  2. Hit the showers, changed to a swimsuit, and went to the pool.  Got most of my exercises with the dumbbell floats done before the neighborhood kids invaded, but before my daughter arrived.  Then Cimmy and Jak Jr. showed up, and we played Marco Polo with the kids for a little while.  Jak Jr. tipped out of his baby boat.  (Oh no!)  Good lad, though, he hung on to it and managed to float on his back somewhat.  But he breathed a little water and then started throwing up.  We all vacated the pool.  Was going to grab the manager but he just happened to walk out right at that moment.  He had to shut the pool down for a few hours.  How embarassing!
  3. So we went kite flying.  Wind was pretty gusty again– very fickle and neither constant nor consistent.  The Snapshot (dual line parafoil) wouldn't stay up long.  But Cimmy decided to fly her purple diamond kite, sitting down.  The EO Atom (Expandable Object box kite) danced and tumbled easily in the wind, but crashed everytime the wind died.  Cimmy switched to the Flip Kite– it did OK.  She said she was seeing lights in front of her eyes, so I asked that everyone eat the oranges we brought.  She decided to go home with the kids, so I took over the Flip kite, but…
  4. She got distracted by a softball game.  Not far away someone else was flying a stunt kite.  So while she helped out and ran a few bases, I introduced myself to the gentleman flying the kite.  Interesting reels– they were circular loops!  (I'll have to find some, sometime.)  So after a little chat with him and saying goodbye to the girls playing the softball game, as well as smiling at a Miniature Pinscher and a bit of small talk with the owners, we went home.
  5. Got dinner started before going off to meet with my local ecclesiastical leader (bishop).  Cimmy took over as I didn't have much time.  It was a good meeting.  Personal, though.

What a day!

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