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More pictures with the Snapshot 1.2


We had some moderate success with the Nexus (a traditional stunt kite) but after repeated crashes, the spine broke.  (No worry– it's replaceable.)  The Snapshot was much nicer as there was no frame to break.  We took some reels from the Koi design stunt kite and used those as the dual lines that came with the kite are still tangled.  This worked great since we could control how much length we wanted to start, although once that kite's in the air, you don't want to change it.  It was much easier to learn how to control the kite, and although the lines twisted occasionally, that wasn't a problem– and a few times I was able to untwist them while still in flight.

To clarify, Cimmy just helped and took pictures while I was flying.  Princess busied herself with the new play garden tool set she got, using one of the sand pits for track & field events.  There's not a picture of her this time, but Cimmy did get a picture of herself and Jak Jr.

Yes, she is wearing my straw hat– after it blew off my head, I decided not to put it back on.  She is on a grocery run at the time of this writing and looking for one like it at the grocery store I bought it at.  (Hey, she looked good, and I said so.)

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4 thoughts on “More pictures with the Snapshot 1.2

  1. I got a hat at Target for 5 dollars in the garden section. It's just like that but cloth, and it folds into a little pouch. These pictures are neat. I think LP would like the Snapshot. I've been thinking about getting him a new kite for his birthday.


  2. What a great times–you guys are having some wonderful kite-adventures!The weather looks good, which I know is terrific.The hat rccks. I hope Cimmy could find one.LOVE the pictures!!!!


  3. I hope Cimmy could find one.She did.


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