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More napkin musings- WWJD?


So… WWJD… What Would Jared Do?

Jak's Way — Speak Fresh.

Took some time to eat a grapefruit (I like to peel them like oranges), read the newspaper, and then jot down a few thoughts.  Brought home oatmeal raisin cookies for the rest of the fam like I always do.

Tomorrow is Princess's birthday, so Cimmorene is off getting some things for that.  Will be meeting with my folks tonight to celebrate since they will be busy tomorrow, as they are most all Saturdays.

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Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

8 thoughts on “More napkin musings- WWJD?

  1. Happy Birthday to Princess!!!!!!!!


  2. Jared would probably say light mayo.


  3. Now it's time for me to be a dork and specify, hehe.Their honey mustard, sweet onion sauce, mustard, and one other condiment I'm forgetting are now listed as "fat free". Light mayo, chipotle ranch, and some others are listed as "full flavor".What I usually do is skip the cheese, and add all veggies, including spinach leaves and grated carrot they usually put on salads. I usually choose something "fat free", skip the olive oil, skip the salt, and have only vinegar and pepper. This particular time I skipped the pickles, and had honey mustard in particular.Honey mustard is fat free, but it is NOT sugar free. If I really want to trim it down, I have yellow or brown/Dijon mustard.Complicated for sure, but many people don't know that if you want the Subway diet to work, you have to have the fixings like that. I was told that Jared chose 6 inch sandwiches listed at about 6-8 grams of fat (that would be ham, cold cut combo, turkey, and roasted chicken, I believe) for breakfast and lunch, and had a foot-long veggie combo (basically no meat) for dinner. He walked to Subway for each meal and had the sandwich prepared more or less like I described.Thankfully, Subway (Doctor's Associates) is very VERY good about listing nutritional content! If you're really picky, you can get an info sheet that lists the fiber content of each of the breads, as well as everything else, including what certain condiments like cheese and olive oil add. Very detailed.


  4. I totally check this stuff out myself. Subway is my only fast food. Usually it's quite tasty.


  5. If only they had a playground, then I'd be all set.


  6. I hadn't thought about that. Of course the kids would rather go where they can play on all the cool stuff. Maybe Subway picnic in the park??


  7. Maybe Subway picnic in the park??That's actually been vetoed by family members a time or two… *whistles*… they know who they are…


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