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Five foundations of morality


Haidt, J., & Graham, J. (2007). When morality opposes justice: Conservatives have moral intuitions that liberals may not recognize. Social Justice Research, 20, p. 98-116

Worthwhile read to fully understand the theory, but the gist of the article states that when taking into account harm, fairness, loyalty, authority, and purity as five aspects of how a person perceives their own sense of morality, the bridge between liberals and conservatives exist in that liberals place strong emphasis on the first two, while conservatives tend to value all five (although, personally, I think some of them emphasize the last two more).

These were my results:

I think this explains much on why many who are very liberal or very conservative in turn often get very confused when I discuss my perspective with them, and why I usually become estranged from both sorts of people.  I wish that they had separated loyalty to individual and loyalty to a group– Loyalty, in this test, refers more to the loyalty of a group, especially country, religious affliations, social institutions, etc. that would be more identifiable to conservatives.  So if anything, my Loyalty score says, in my estimation, that I value loyalty to individuals more than I value loyalty to groups.

Gee, any surprise that I don't affiliate myself to a political party?

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10 thoughts on “Five foundations of morality

  1. Intriguing.I didn't take the test bec I didn't want to register. It's good to recognize that society seems to require conflict/tension to thrive. I wish we could all get along, but I know from living my own little life that we humans don't do as well, in general, when everything's peaceful. And in harmony. We LIKE it, but it doesn't keep us active in our little mutational ways. Civilatization seems to require coming to blows in order to fire up the enregy to survive. HOWEVER, the levels of mean-spirited ad hominem attacks etc seem to have racheted up lately; I guess we're due for some kind of big clash, to reduce tension. Like tectonic plates? And earthquahkes?Anyway, the word "purity" freaks me out. Its scream judgment to me. How do we define "purity" — ? In terms of religious tenets? Wow. Not my cup of tea. Maybe this was answered in the test and I didn't see that.I hve no idea what my label is. I'm fiercely independent in some areas, joyfully conservative in others, and a raging liberal in other others. People who are all "one way" make me nervous. That's not a bad thing necessarily, just uncomfortable.


  2. I didn't take the test bec I didn't want to register.Not comfortable with someone tracking your results even if you remain completely anonymous? Fair enough, I suppose.Anyway, the word "purity" freaks me out. Its scream judgment to me. How
    do we define "purity" — ? In terms of religious tenets?Read the article. There were alternate names for the foundations, e.g. harm/care, fairness/reciprocity, ingroup/loyalty, authority/respect, and purity/sanctity.It explained as far as purity/sanctity that the shift to a meat-based diet occurred relatively recently in human evolution (1-3 million years ago) and that its coincidence with increased frontal cortex development gave humans (and only humans) the ability to feel digust. At a base level, it's simply avoiding that which can transmit disease (human waste, decomposition of a corpse, etc.), but has been expanded socially to avoiding exchange with persons who appear diseased (deformed, obese, etc.) or whose occupation deals with potential disease carrying things (like human waste or corpses).So it's FULLY possible to look at purity/sanctity from a scientific view. But yes, the article also talks about the concepts of ethics covering autonomy, community, and divinity. All aspects, the article states, can be found in human societies, but that emphasis may differ depending on how much the individual is emphasized and what is considered to be spiritual (are we alone, is there something greater than ourselves, etc.) Hard to explain more without hashing the entire article.People who are all "one way" make me nervous. That's not a bad thing necessarily, just uncomfortable.Moral absolutism? Yeah. Sometimes it seems people divide things as either all black and white, or all shades of gray. It makes me VERY uncomfortable when people mingle science and spirituality, whether it be theistic or atheistic. I mean, scientifically speaking, existence is a plethora of color– not to mention particles and wavelengths– and we divide and measure and standardize only so that we of finite mind can somehow comprehend that which is infinite.Still, though, I am wary of those who claim to have an open mind. I am much more inclined to trust those who state the boundaries and parameters of their paradigms– that is, that they admit to discriminating tastes/prejudice/whatever you wish to call it, and yet will nevertheless value the social relations we might share.


  3. I didn't read it. I apologize. I have an eyelash stuck under my eyelid and it's ripping across the cornea each time I blink. I can't get it out and reading is VERY tough. It's been there all day…so I'm just trying to catch up comments, etc.We were asked for an email address, no? I was…I guess I could make one up. I'll go try it again.I don't think as much about these things as I used to. Maybe it's because my life is ending and thinking about humanity verges on pointless to me. But maybe it's that #%&*ing eyelash. I'll try to take the test. See what happens.Will be back.


  4. Can't get results without registering.No results doesn't seem to be useful.I'll try the article.


  5. OK the article's a download….*sigh*I'm going to give up for now. I just don't have the patience or curiosity tonight to explore this further. Have a good night!


  6. just took the test it's bullshit,their judging my morality, through their filter,one of those test's arn't even allowed anymore because of the slant they put on it


  7. Sorry, but you're not welcome here.


  8. You can use a plain username that's not connected to an e-mail address, but then you'll have to remember your password.An e-mail address is suggested only if you need to recover your password later.


  9. A very interesting exercise – not meant to criticize anyone's morality. We are all mixtures of impulses, influences, and intelligence, so I'm not surprised that different groups place their emphasis in different ways. I thought it was humorous to note that people that think they are communicating effectively and clearly are often confounded by their own misunderstanding of the possible variances, thus communicating only within their own sphere of comfort when they thought they were communicating "universally." As always, the journey continues.


  10. Yeah, I get what you're saying. I really do. In fact, I was amusing myself seeing how much I varied from the norm in a few other tests I took– such as life satisfaction and perception of mental health– because I was scoring differently from the norm (better overall).You said in your post:It is right that the conflict is never really resolved, because this is
    what drives people to strive for spiritual, intellectual, and civic
    achievement.and I think that's spot on– so many things, inside and outside of us, grow, change, and endure with opposition and resistance. It's why I find the concept of yin and yang in Eastern philosophy very fitting. Yes, the journey continues– there are destinations along the way, but the road goes on.


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