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Five foundations of morality, part 2

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Tetlock, P.E. (2003). Thinking about the unthinkable: Coping with secular encroachments on sacred values. Trends in Cognitive Science, 7, 320-324.

In other words, how sacred do I hold these five foundations?

I'll let y'all decide on how to interpret that.  The first graph is an indicator on how much I care about each foundation of morality, and the second is the number of times I said I'd never violate a foundation for any amount of money.  I think the only reason why I got 4.0 in Harm and Authority each is because the idea of being able to throw a rotten tomato at Dick Cheney without getting caught… well, damn, that's mighty appealing!  (Yeah, I'd do it for free, too!)

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One thought on “Five foundations of morality, part 2

  1. I started to read this article and had to stop. The little that I read seemed to be saying — in general — that different people will say one thing and do another in certain situations, and that people identifying with certain groups fit into certain parameters rel to the data collected. I don't think this is surprising at all. People are endlessly dishonest with themselves and capable of self-prevarication that would make our heads spin if we could read their minds. Also, I know that most people have no clue how they'll act in certain situations, even though they're been raised/trained/convinced to behave in a certain way and are committed to believing certain things, etc. Much of life's drama is ad hoc, I think. But I've een called amoral, so what do I know? Heh. OK, NOW I'm stopping. My eye's gloppy and making me want to scream.Thanks for much interesting matieral!


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