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More kite flying.


So my father-in-law is coming down Friday– well, with the usual suspects, Trinity and my mother-in-law.  They will be bringing digital copies of the 35mm pictures he took of the kids and Cimmorene.  He's also bringing down the soldering pencil stand, which was supposed to be a surprise (shame on you, Trinity, hehe) but I told him it wouldn't be much of a surprise if I didn't have the iron to go with it (and I still haven't got it yet).

He also wants to come for kite flying, and I explained to him the convenience of our present location.  He told me of recent experiences, including flying a stunt kite, which got me excited, as I haven't gotten either one of our stunt kites going, or the foil.  He also asked about the particular reel that was coming

(<—–this one, for reference) and asked for the link so he could get one as well.  Cimmy explained that he had taught her everything she knew about kite flying, and so now I'm anticipating it even more.

I went out again today, and after a small drizzle of rain, the wind was much stronger.  The box kite seemed to perform better, although we were probably a little too close to some adjacent trees.  I don't mean too close as in that the kites were in danger of becoming entangled, but that the winds were fiercer within their height.  I didn't move farther out because there's a nice bench we like to sit on.

Anyway, the Triad (that's the name of the kite, as it's a triangular shape as you may have seen earlier) zipped nimbly along, sometimes like a junkie tweaking on meth, with vicious loop-de-loops  and zig-zags.  Princess decided she was too scared to fly her own kite (with good reason as I discovered) but did take a short turn with the Triad.  (When I got back, I told Cimmy after finding out I could stack multiple Triads, I was a bit bummed that I hadn't gotten more of them.  She simply said.  "Why didn't you?"  Fair enough– I'll probably be going for a FOURTH trip to Joe's, hehe.)

I pulled out my Stowaway Diamond after a while and it was slightly more stable– sometimes.  It looked like the wind was pushing it near its limits.  So I pulled out the Nexus but put it back almost as quickly as I just didn't feel comfortable trying to put it together in such a fierce wind.  I went back to get the Snapshot 1.2 and ask Cimmy for some help with it– but it's probably a good idea I didn't.  That style of power kite is meant to get you, yourself airborne if the wind speed is high enough.  (Not terribly likely it'd pull a horribly fat guy like me, and it's one of the smaller ones in the series, but, y'know.)  Besides, it was after 5 and we went off for game night at Rosie's Diner, which will be the subject of the next post.

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5 thoughts on “More kite flying.

  1. Oh I dunno. There was a superhero that said that, wasn't there? Superman? So it shouldn't matter πŸ˜‰


  2. I think you're right….I believe it was Superman.


  3. It's so great. People have no idea about kites, how they live and breath up there. Your kids are going to have some really good memories.


  4. They don't? That's a shame– kite flying was and is again a wonderful hobby for me.The credit actually goes to Cimmy for starting things out about a year ago; I just found additional opportunities and ran with them. At any rate, we have all had a lot of great fun. Thanks again for noticing and leaving some nice comments πŸ™‚


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