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Game Night at Rosie’s


So I found this game– Pirate's Cove — Search for the treasure for an absolute steal ($5.55) at our local warehouse-style grocery store.  I was pretty excited, since most board games for kids that are of the caliber worthy of our local group, Columbia Basin Board Game Society (CBBS) cost up to 4 or 5 times that much.

It went pretty well, although we were late and most of the group were already busy with other games.  I felt a little put out, because the group for the most part isn't welcoming to young children (Monday nights at Rosie's are a small exception) and the founder/host for weekend games didn't even seem to notice that we were even there.  But I did show it to a few people, and our server seemed interested (I think she has young children), especially when I said where I got it and for how much.

The game has a few snags with the rules so I just looked at some ideas for rules variants.

Anyways, I think we'll renew our efforts to go as a family for these Monday night things, if only for the importance of the social interaction.

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Author: jaklumen

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4 thoughts on “Game Night at Rosie’s

  1. I used to love board games..maybe its time to revisit them. This looks interesting!


  2. Is a game called "Pirates Cove" really sending the right message to children in a world where pirates once again rule the high seas? LOL!


  3. Play on, as long as I get a free spin, or a roll of the dice, or what ever I might get for free….LOL!!!


  4. Hehe.These are the highly romanticized fantasy pirates, of course– anyone that does the research knows that the real pirates of that era were just about as despicable (for the sensibilities of the time, at least) as the ones today.But Somalia and all of its problems are the subject of another post đŸ˜‰


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