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Following the Repair Manifesto, continued


If you don't know what the Repair Manifesto is, have a quick look here.

This is my reference manual for my 1997 Honda Civic LX.  The Haynes manuals were recommended to me by a veteran I did a few odd jobs for who said they were much more explanatory than the Chilton ones (which are an old standard).

One of our windshield wiper arms stopped working correctly.  Looking it up in the manual, it said that nuts sometimes had to be tightened.  Cimmy didn't know where they would be.  So, having a quick look at the wiper assembly myself, I saw there was a round-top nut where the arm pivoted that was a little loose.  Simple!  So today after a visit to my sister's, she borrowed a wrench and tightened it up.  Sure enough, it worked fine afterwards šŸ™‚

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Author: jaklumen

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3 thoughts on “Following the Repair Manifesto, continued

  1. Wow..thats pretty cool. I like the Honda is one of the better cars out there. Manuals are not quite my thing, though. šŸ™‚


  2. Well, I am fairly booksmart; I readily admit that a lot of my learning comes from books. Because I don't have any accessible mechanic friends at the moment, this is what I refer is one of the better cars out thereIndeed. The platform has been around for many years, as you probably know– a friend of mine in high school had a late '70s model that just ran and ran and ran. Since my folks still pay for our car insurance in our indigent circumstances, my mother gushed for a while about such expenses being cheaper. Since Hondas have been in the country a good while now, and assembly plants are well established in the South, getting parts is cheaper than it is for other imports.I can do simple maintenance here at our apartment complex, although oil changes are out of the question. For that, it goes to the evil "Wallyworld" big box store.


  3. SO COOL!!!!!!When I had my old Pontiac (1969-1978) I had a friend teach me some basics and I got the manual and did oil and airfilter, spark plugs, carburetor; stuff like that…what a wonderful car that was…Being able to make repairs yourself is terrific. But I stopped all of that the day I accidentally set fire to the carburetor when the car was still inside the garage.Yow. Bad.


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