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Dilemma of the Hollywood Ingenue, part 2


So the media is buzzing again about another celebrity that has packed on just a little bit of padding.  This time it's Jessica Simpson.


The last post I did on this, which was about Britney Spears, isn't even a fair comparison to me in many ways.  While Simpson may be a bit lampooned for appearing less than clever and smart (remember her absent mindedly asking why Chicken of the Sea tuna wasn't chicken on TV?), she seems to be in a much better place.  She's not hopping around pretending to be a celebutante like the Hilton girls while letting an ex who's a bit of a cheesy chav claim custody of her children.  (For the record, Federline seems to be a passable father, if not merely a more responsible parent than Spears.)

More recently, some unknown fashion designer called Heidi Klum "too heavy" and "has too big a bust"  Much less something to care about, but apparently People magazine figured it was relevant enough to get her comments.  They gathered other quotes from other celebs like Rachael Ray and Khloe Kardashian who also defended Simpson.

Speaking of supermodels, it wasn't that long ago Tyra Banks was in the proverbial crosshairs.  (Not surprisingly, this was also a People story.)  While I think a lot of talk shows pander a little too much to sensationalism, I remember Cimmy watching hers a bit, and I noticed Tyra had taken some time to deconstruct the media magic and other aids used to manufacture some glamour.  (To put it bluntly, she carefully removed her bra from under her shirt to show she had some natural droop like most real women.)

But I don't think this is all about Madison Avenue, Wall Street, and Hollywood, necessarily.  While searching back to find my previous post, I stumbled across a VOX entry where the author described outright cruel inconsideration from other people in regards to her weight.

Through my life I still hear lots of comments which hurt my ego. The other day I asked if there was a Krispy Kreme around here (work), and got told off, that "you don't need that, do you?". Not that it was even for me, instead my half brother was coming up from the country, and I thought it would be a nice gift cos he probably wouldn't have tried them before. One place I worked at my boss wanted pringles and I got told to go up to the shops and get them "because I could use the exercise".  Just the other day I got told that if I worked out then I probably wouldn't have had so much period pain. Because strangers have the best insight into how my body works. Even my psych, subtly noted that a fitness first was opening in my area, and therefore "there were no more excuses for a lot of people". There are many more I could add to this list but will stop for my own sanity.

Ouch!  Mighty Jalapeno had a witty reply, referencing Ingravesconimis Morbus, a.k.a. You're Too Fat Disease, a.k.a. (on the street) Fat Bastarditis.  But I would add other diseases, coming from the other direction.  They're called Busybodyitis and Fatphobia.

The ultimate moral (or ethic, for you uptight intellectuals): Balance and moderation is a good thing.  It would be great if there were far fewer extremes wrapped up in eating disorders and such.  I'd take more instances of "overweight" than "emaciated" or "morbidly obese".  Granted, a clinically obese man is writing this, but I think I can reasonably claim that health problems haven't helped.  I haven't been this way all my life– not by a long shot– but of course, I can accept that some people are a little better genetically coded to survive a famine– i.e. they can come down to "overweight" and still be reasonably healthy.

Oh, if I haven't referenced it before: no, i'm just fat.  It was on the [this is good] page (I think before more categories were added?) about two years back.  Very good read.

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4 thoughts on “Dilemma of the Hollywood Ingenue, part 2

  1. It's really not fair to penalize the young women in the spotlight for doing nothing more than exhibiting the normal course of life – we get older, we gain weight. Not her fault, and certainly not cause for mirth or conjecture. But gossip is gossip, and has its own logic.


  2. favorite soapbox. I don't get how in a society where commenting on someone's health problems/looks is otherwise considered rude, dissecting someone's weight is so common and accepted? Forget the tabloids, they are not exactly setting standards for good behavior anywhere, but the VOX entry you mentioned above? How can people be so rude?Fat maybe bad for you, but being an insensitive jerk is bad for everyone else.


  3. People really ought to mind their own business. In my life I've been told that I was too thin.I've also been told that I was too fat.By acquaintances, not friends or loved ones. What hurt most of all was that they thought it was OK to say it. I didn't ask them. I couldn't stop them. It was an assault …..Shame on the people who do this kind of thing, and who, when confronted, claim to be "trying to help." GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A celebrity is something that's lost on me completely. WHO CARES about these people, other than there own friends, loved ones, etc??? I certainly don't. Well, I do in general, since they're people, but not as individuals. Phooey.*waves to jaklumen*


  4. I am guessing that people do a lot of this to feel better about themselves somehow. Entertainers and the like are popular targets probably because they are detached from common people's reality.For example, I've been a really big fan of the band Depeche Mode (DM for short) for some time. For a while, I was part of a mailing list and there were many who seemed to have bottomless resources to all sorts of material connected to DM, including a guy that went on to be the webmaster of the official site. Now and then, people listed what I thought were rather personal details about the band members– their physical specs, private lives, etc. and I remember thinking, "Gee, I like their music, but I'm not THAT interested!"Now acquaintances and the like– yeah, I think people are just busybodies sometimes. Quite a few of those in my family, so I'm learning to deal with it.


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