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I need (meme)

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Instructions: Search for "[your first name] needs" on Google and list the first ten hits.

1. J– needs a one or two parent family that will set guidelines and be consistent in sticking to those standards..

2. J– needs an experienced, skilled family that is understanding of his special needs.

Believe it or not, those first two hits are answers to this very meme for other individuals.  Google was nice enough to give different answers, but both individuals had #1 as their first hit.

3. J– needs a haircut!

This one was a picture on Flickr of someone's little boy.  Judging from the photo– why yes, yes he does.  Now, imagine the sound of hairclippers shearing off lots of hair, and you'll get the idea I'm thinking of…  well, yeah, that's how I typically cut my hair…

4. [see above]

Same Flickr user, with the photo linked on a Typepad blog.

5. J– needs to stay on top of the latest technologies

Yet another hit from another individual playing this game.  Seems to fit me, but where am I going to get the funds?

6. [Like Pam, I’m especially fond of] J– needs real women with real sound systems.” Hopefully your wife won’t get wind of this!

This was a comment for another individual playing this game.  His first hit was "needs a poke in the other eye."

7-8. Boring.  They are just entries on some business networking sites.

9. J– needs to learn the definition of a "clean lead."

Yet another answer for another individual playing this game, BUT, this is that person's first hit.  Granted, the post is from last October, on the 24th.

10. J– needs milk by Pauls baby

It sounds weird typed like that, but this is a video on MySpace, of someone's baby crying for some milk and getting it.  Evidently his dad is named Paul?

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Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

One thought on “I need (meme)

  1. You got some truly weird ones. My fave is number 10.


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