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Difficult questions and difficult answers.


                          <div>         Well I don't want to embarass <a href="" class="enclosure-inline-user">Purplesque</a>, but I do enjoy reading her work-related posts.  It gives me hope to read that someone is working hard for mental health rights.  There are some good people in the profession, but I've also had to work with a lot of putzes and schmucks.  If you're not familiar with the Yiddish terms, well, a putz is a cowardly little jerk, and a schmuck is the contrasting opposite-- an abrasive asshole who knows it that he/she is an abrasive asshole, and is usually arrogant about it.  No, I'm not Jewish, but those terms are so fitting.

I would love to move back to Cimmorene's hometown, as my in-laws really need support right now, but unfortunately the mental health agency (that I would most assuredly be stuck with again, being on Medicare/Medicaid) that rules that area is full of putzes and schmucks, unfortunately.  The psychiatrist for the office in that hometown is a big schmuck, too– he acted like I needed to STFU, give little to no feedback on how I was doing, and sit and listen to him like a good little boy.  It's not just me, trust me, although my mother recounted some horror stories coming in to where she works (Social Security, yep, the irony) probably to dissuade me from moving away.

Fortunately the professionals I work with now are pretty good.  If you've been following my super secret posts here, you might remember I had to fight hard to see the med nurse I am with now.  I called her recently to try to figure out what the deal was with a particular prescription– why it wasn't being filled.  Maybe you remember my bloodwork post (see Could it get any worse?).  She asked me to discuss my glucose and triglyceride results with my physician, and I informed her he couldn't get access but I remembered the numbers and discussed it with him anyways. I had talked to my father before, and he said cholesterol problems run on that side of my family, and that omega-3 supplements and more insolubable fiber like oatmeal really did help.  He brought by more fish oil supplements before he left with Mom for Mexico.  My med nurse and physician were appropriately satisfied that I had begun taking them.

If I didn't mention it before, I discuss the MRI and X-ray scans with the ARNP Monday.  They'll be compared to the MRI I had two Decembers ago, and maybe the X-ray I had two (three?) Octobers ago although that scan is a very blatant starting reference point.  Hopefully Dennis will recommend surgery– a L5/S1 fusion, probably, unless the L4/L5 and T11/T12 discs are totally shot too.  Hopefully not, because then I would hear the "cha-ching" of a cash register and Medicare saying "No way".

Will keep you updated.  This post is super secret too, so hopefully nobody else freaks.  Hopefully you won't freak on me either (just kidding, right?)

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2 thoughts on “Difficult questions and difficult answers.

  1. Thank you for sharing that, Jak, and for being considerate. My supervisor (who is Jewish) would completely agree about the Putzes and Schmucks in healthcare, particularly mental healthcare.


  2. Oh, man. It's such a struggle to get good care and maintain good relationships with the people who give it.I'm glad you got onto the fish oil things. Maybe that'll help.I'm sorry i took so long to get here.


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