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Catching up with the Monster Mashups (bonus)

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Another the 1980's seems to be famous for one-hit wonders, the '90s had some, too.  This mashup features one by Haddaway, "What Is Love", mixed with a tune by Kanye West.

What is Love Lockdown

audio by Dj MashUP – video by kalhonaaho01

There was a very popular sketch done on Saturday Night Live when Jim Carrey guest starred called "Night at the Roxbury" which featured the Haddaway track.  Since Warner Media Group has been throwing its weight around like an angry 300-lb gorilla, it's apparently hard to find the sketch as it originally aired.  But sketches with alternate audio tracks seem to have survived, like this one:

The ending scene has been used for a variety of collage-like animations on the ytmnd (You're The Man Now Dog) website.  I'll consider it a mashup of sorts, really, and here's but a small sampling (warning, the World of Warcraft version has some profanities):

What is Love Gif Collection 1

If you go to, you can find just DOZENS of these.  It's really one of those incredible Internet fads.

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