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My editor is really, really fast.

Although I wanted to point out that Ladyhawke is one example of a successful "aspie", I didn't want to make it part of my WHM article here because I thought it would detract from some great music.  I mean, I was quite excited– pulled it from the mailbox some hours ago (a.k.a. middle of another sleepless night) and tore open the package, drew up the article, and noticed vu had published it this morning.

But since my cousin was diagnosed with Asperger's and my nephew was diagnosed with some variant of high-functioning autism (not to mention my mother occasionally insists I might be an "aspie" too), I thought it was important to point out that she seems totally unphased by it according to the article, as if it was just some simple explanation for some personality quirks.

Of course, it's been made a big deal about, especially by parents.  It's been called The Little Professor Syndrome (ironically, again, my mother mercilessly teased me with this nickname), The Geek Syndrome, and sometimes (harsh!) The Frank Sinatra (I Do It My Way) Syndrome.

I'm tired.  I want to write a snappy conclusion, but the only thing I can think of is that Pip's parents evidently didn't harass her about things.

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