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Mary, Do You Know? (Yes, I’m sure you do.)

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I heard this song the other day when we were out to dinner.  I'm not sure if Cimmy noticed I was trying to hide my tears.

Normally, I would not express my convictions in so broad a manner, because my relationship with Yeshu of Nazareth is a pretty deep and private thing.  I can't bear sometimes to have something that is so precious and personal to me to come under mockery and scorn, but mentioning this just seems the right thing to do.

My favorite version is Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd singing it, as I heard it that day.

Mary Do You Know as sung by Kenny Rogers and Wyonna Judd

It turns out this song was written in 1984 by a Christian comedian and songwriter by the name of Mark Lowry.  How poetically ironic but beautiful that a funnyman would write what I think is such a moving song.  To pay respect and due benevolence to him, here is a vid of him singing the song:

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