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MX3 at WHM and Luther’s Orange Crush

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I'm a new writer at W♥M and vu encouraged me to write up a mashup article– this, naturally, was the result.  As I said before, I've been finding mashups simply surfing YouTube, and since Mark Vidler had uploaded videos to be featured at the GHP website, I happened to come across some of them featured in the album.

But is that all a crazy mashup lover can give?  No, not at all!  Here's the vid that wasn't featured in the article– "Luther's Orange Crush":

Luther Vandross vs. R.E.M. – Luther’s Orange Crush

Here's Mark's own words on the vid:

[There was] no promo for the 'Orange Crush' track so I've used some '89 live footage.

Love the way that it's almost beliveable that Mike Mills is playing that bassline…

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