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New Look.


Sometimes I like to use the wonderful little banner designs that VOX provides.  There's some wonderful talent there.  But sometimes I like to customize.

This is based on a banner Princess_Jime created for the Vox Banners group, here.  It's been passed through the Sobel edge detect and Predator filters.

This is based on a Halloween photo I chose not to share.  It was part of the set of photos my parents took– if you look back, they're of better resolution quality.  The photo was chopped in half, however– I'm not sure if the original digital file was like that or if it wound up that way when it was e-mailed to me.  I also didn't like the expression– didn't seem as Fester-ish.  So after cropping it to a headshot, I put it through the Sobel edge detect filter again, applied a Softglow filter, and applied the Colorize tool, which gave it the rather blueish background.  I showed it to Cimmy, who simply said, "Weird."  Good!  That was the effect I was aiming for.

The profile picture some of you may recognize from my XaoS post at Monday Museé.  In case you missed it, here it is again:

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Author: jaklumen

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5 thoughts on “New Look.

  1. Superduper!!!Love the new look!!!!That edges thing is neat, isn't it?I haven't used the Predator one much — I'll give it another try..


  2. Yeah, GIMP's filtering and rendering of raster images really is superior… again, if you discover more how to use Inkscape, please do let me know.


  3. Yikes! I haven't used it since we talked last…..totally didn't think of it…I'll try it out again tomorrow and let you know!


  4. Hi! I tried Inkscape again, a few minutes ago. There's so much I don't know about it! Took me a while to set up the image size, etc. I wanted to try it for making tee-shirts on Redbubble and they need to be 3200×2400 pixels in .png files, as transparencies. But I managed to get one — here. But I spent so much time messing with the setup that I didnt' do a very good image, or test many things. Anyway, it'll be a good thing to use, once I figure out more. I'm glad you mentioned it again!


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