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Monday Musée Oct. 14: Kaleidoscopes and Mandalas


I present new tools to play and experiment with!

The first one, I'm very pleased to say, comes from Cimmorene.  It's from the site (follow for link), which appears to be connected to the Girl Scouts of America:

If you remember the floral print program, this is sort of like that, except you have to drag and drop the shapes, and the color, orientation, and size are set after that.  As you can see in the picture, you have a pie wedge, which will be spread out to a circle once you hit "View Design".

The second is Kaleidoscope Painter:

My creation was mixing the two:

First, I used GIMP's Fuzzy Select tool to extract part of the mandala image, and pasted it as a separate layer on top of the kaleidoscope image.  Keeping the two as separate layers allows me to manipulate them independently.  For the kaleidoscope layer, I used the Neon edge detect filter again, and faded it a bit so that it didn't go straight down to the outer edges. I also used the Pinch and Whirl distortion filter and generated Plasma renderings around the pattern, also fading the filter.

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Author: jaklumen

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11 thoughts on “Monday Musée Oct. 14: Kaleidoscopes and Mandalas

  1. These are really cool. I hate that I haven't had time for this lately, and probably won't consistently for awhile. But I think I'll show this post to my boys later, one of whom joined the musee already, and see if they would like trying them out.


  2. As long as it's okay that I am introducing art tools for group members to use and explore, I'm sure it's all good. Life intervenes, and if it's fine that I pick up the slack, I will continue to do so.


  3. Of course it's fine, though I am looking forward to sharing some others when I have more leisure. Members can also invite their neighbors to join; it would be nice if other people wanted to start playing along.


  4. Wow those are GREAT! And i like what you did with your images. So much energy! And the colors are gorgeous! thanks for the links!!!!!!!! And thank you for sending this post!


  5. Still having fun with RedBubble? Sure miss you over here. If you'd like an invitation to the group, I'll gladly send you one, and you can maybe share with us how you've been making up your *wink wink* masterpieces?


  6. Hi! Oh, I'm in the Musee one — thank you!!! I should post something there — you guys have been doing neat stuff.Yes, still at RedBubble. As of today I have 340 images posted and have had 8022 views, and a bunch of favoritings and features. It; takes quite a bit of time to maintain,but I'm enjoying every second. I don't know if you can use this on your system or not (if I already told you about it, please forgive the repetition — I'm not caught up with mail here yet and have been away for a while): Oxidizer. There aren't a lot of fractal generators for Macs (that are free) — this one is "tiny" but is very powerful. If you can run it on your computer you might like it a lot. I'm having a great time with it.Miss you too — will try to get up to date and stop by more often.


  7. Looks very sweet– and it's open source too!– but it's Mac only. Sorry.


  8. Yes, that's what I was thinking….but I wasn't sure. Too bad.But there are a lot of fractals things for Windows……and others……if you're interested.I use GIMP, Photoshop Elements 3, Oxidizer — those three, mainly. All the Mac versions. I'm trying to find time to learn Inkscape. You could grab that one; I don't thingk it's just Mac. And it's free.


  9. for WindowsVery unlikely I'll go back to WindowsI'm trying to find time to learn Inkscape. You could grab that oneIndeed I can. It's even in the Ubuntu repositories. Downloading it right now. I'd heard about its superior resources for vector graphics. Please keep me updated with how it goes, when you start working with it.I may create a new Musée thread specifically for Inkscape so further discussions can continue there.


  10. I think some of them are for Unix? There might be other kinds — fractals are VERY popular….there are a lot of free programs for making them, and not all are for Windows. But I wasn't paying attention to what they were. Inkscape is neat. I'm not spending much time on it right now, since I got a 10+ closeup lens filter for my camera and am trying to get use to it, but I will later. Here's something I made a little while ago using Inkscape. Have fun with it — I'll stay in touch.You could sign on to Redbubble……… some stuff…………there are close to 90000 people there…..LOTS of wonderful info, tutorials , advice…..I've learned so much! And I would visit your stuff and comment. 🙂


  11. fractals are VERY popularOh, I'd wager they've been very popular for years, at least among students of the hard sciences, and mathematics. I was introduced to a particular DOS-based generator when I was dating a physics student years ago. (I also got copies of Scorched Earth and Barneysplat, but I'd have to explain those in a different post, since they are not graphics programs.)You could sign on to Redbubble……… some
    stuff…………there are close to 90000 people there…..LOTS of
    wonderful info, tutorials , advice…..I've learned so much! And I
    would visit your stuff and comment.I bet you would! I've just been a bit reluctant to keep track of something new. I can at least start with some of the stuff I've been doing here.


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