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Handipoints is Handy


Following up on a recent post and a lovely responding post by I-Luv-Eeyore:

Tonight's Family Home Evening was about Chores and Responsibilities.  Some time before, Cimmy looked into a website called Handipoints to encourage good behavior and responsibility from Princess.  We mutually agreed that we could all use the site, although we spent most of the time following up on Princess's progress, which gave me some time and opportunity to see how the site works.

Here's a screenshot from the homepage:

Parents can create task charts for kids, which they can log in and access to check off.  Parents then can grade completed tasks (using a traditional U.S. format) and award points which can be spent in "Handiland", including virtual clothes and furniture.  The slogan is "A Good Cat Is A Cool Cat."  Personally, I wish they would include doggies– many in my Neighborhood know (and tease me) about not being a cat person since I have stated such repeatedly– but that is okay.  A Good Cat Is A Cool Cat, but Bad Kitties Get Shaved.  All kidding aside, moving on…

This site appeals to Cimmorene as much as it does Princess, although the site is aimed at kids and tweens aged 4 to 14.

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2 thoughts on “Handipoints is Handy

  1. What a great idea. Guess it's not hard to spot the bad cats, huh ??


  2. I bet Spanky would LOVE that!


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