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After-school home schooling- I am so proud of Cimmy


In this post emily sears mentioned teaching home schooling, and so I figured I would write about what Cimmorene is doing with our daughter.

She calls it "After School Challenges".  They are divided into five categories:

  • Art
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Writing

She types up the challenge and prints it out, usually the morning before Princess is off to 1st grade.  They generally begin with a "Mission Impossible" style introduction and are about one page long.  To track our daughter's progress, Cimmy has a grid drawn out on posterboard displayed just outside Princess's bedroom, with a smiley face sticker marking the number of challenges she has completed, and in which category.

I am just blown away.  Granted, she has her father to consult with (he was a high school science teacher and now is a long-distance educator), but I was the one who was the Elementary Education major.  All the more reason for me to appreciate it, I suppose.  So far Princess has responded very positively to this, and although there are a few days where she has to be prodded to complete it, I am very pleased.

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2 thoughts on “After-school home schooling- I am so proud of Cimmy

  1. That's so great. Yay for Cimmy and Princess!


  2. This is very cool. It establishes a discipline, fostering the idea that learning is part of whole life, and not just a certain collective segment of it.


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