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6 thoughts on “musée 08.09.08 – Scribbler

  1. Why thank you!I think it's great ms. emily gives us interesting options. Of course, yes, I love GIMP– and I think I love it more now that I have some structure to utilize it with.


  2. I LOVE GIMP!!!It's powerful and free!Wooooohoooooooooooooo!!!I'm looking at starting a GIMP forum on RedBubble – have you tried all the tools? .


  3. Forgot this– you're welcome!And yes, EmilySears is doing supergood things with the drawing options!


  4. Please let me know if you do; I'd like to be a part of it, if I may.I haven't tried all the goodies on GIMP just yet. There is a lot of goodies there.


  5. Oh, I will absolutely, if I do…but right now I'm swamped. BUT — if you go to and type GIMP in the search and then click on "journal" — you'll find a lot of info from artists — some is from people like me who need help and a lot is GOOD links to tutorials and tips, etc.. Here's what's there right now — 17 journal entries GIMP has waaaaaaaaaymore than I thought -even yesterday!


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