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Vox Hunt: Making the Band


Show us an instrument you know how to play.

I was a music student, so a comprehensive list would include trumpet, baritone horn, tuba, trombone, cello, double bass, piano, electronic keyboard and synthesizer, viola, clarinet, and alto sax although quite a few of those I have likely forgotten somewhat how to play.

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Author: jaklumen

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7 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Making the Band

  1. Hehe. Yep, everyone that studies to be a music teacher has to learn how to play at least one instrument in every category of the symphony orchestra: upper strings, lower strings, upper brass, lower brass, etc.


  2. Awesome!
    Last night we signed Jordan up for band. He's decided on the saxophone. After he chose it is when we found out it is the most expensive of the beginning instruments. We hope he loves it and sticks with it through college.


  3. We hope he loves it and sticks with it through college.Well, that would be nice, but I'd say it'd be more realistic to hope he sticks with it through high school.


  4. Yeah, but we'd really like him to be good enough for a scholarship—-in case he starts having trouble with his grades. We've been bad parents and haven't started any type of college fund for him.


  5. TRombone!! I never got to try that..wanted to…….


  6. Trombone—one of my band boyfriends played the trombone.
    The other played the trumpet and the baritone.
    ahhh…memories…. 😀


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