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Why yes, I did tear them new assholes.

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                          <div>         I should have realized sooner that it wasn't safe.  VOX groups just aren't safe as support groups.

First I found that all of my posts were making it to Google searches.  I have no desire to air my dirty laundry to the world at large.

Then I found some self-proclaimed "health expert" bombing every health-related group perceivable with a post, and some "amateur bodybuilder personal trainer" smack-talking in it about the obesity "epidemic" as if the only problem there was that people were too gluttonous about food.  The expert defends that asshole, so… yeah, I did tear both of them new assholes.  Sheer gall, because the expert also started ranting about America overmedicating and how we needed to do alternative stuff instead… goddamn, what a prick… how can anyone logically imply we should ditch our proper treatment because "experts" imply that pharmaceutical companies are now The Man, oppressing us into medicated oblivion?  Gimme a fucking break.

Hey, free speech is one thing, but to muscle into a group with no shred of evidence that one is trained in mental health matters and then start preaching, they have no right to censure me when I say it's offensive.

They can squat on a pike if they don't like it.  Only problem is– now I have to ignore their retort, because as tempting as a flame war would be… just not worth my time.  Sure, I dug my grave, now I have to lie in it… yeah yeah yeah, but I'm not that sorry.

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One thought on “Why yes, I did tear them new assholes.

  1. Oops, I see now that any group creator has the option to make the group private.However, the thought that someone would not make a "Mental Disorders" group private… well, that gives me pause.


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